Welcome to my world!

Hello All,

This is the first posting that I have here on WordPress.com, I am very excited about beginning this new online journey.  I am currently in Austin, TX( UT Texas Longhorn Country) with Marc Accetta at one of his amazing Acceleration Workshops.  I have been working with Marc Accetta now for 5 years and it’s been one of the most amazing rides of my life.  Getting to travel all over the world, meeting incredible people and building a lifestyle for myself that most people only dream of, is one of the biggest things that I am thankful for.  However, a motto that I’ve acquired with working alongside Total Success Coach, Marc Accetta is, “WORK HARD, PLAY HARD“.  And that’s definitely something that we’ve been doing, one of the biggest things we’ve just accomplished is launching his brand new website www.MarcAccetta.com, which is one of the most information packed websites that I’ve seen out there on the internet that focus on Personal Success Coaching.  Being a Total Success Coach, Marc Accetta helps you get the most out of life spiritually, financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.  As I have spent time with Mr. Accetta and acquired his work ethic and morals it has allowed me to live my life to the maximum with no regrets. 

One of the biggest things that we are working on currently at this time is,”A View from the Edge” which is a one of a kind training seminar that must be seen to be believed.  The company that is having the privilege to view this event is WorldVentures , founded by experienced marketing professionals Mike Azcue (www.MikeAzcue.com) and Wayne Nugent, this company is growing rapidly and it has been such a blast working with them for the past couple of months.  This weekend will be without a doubt the most explosive thing that this company and its distributors has seen and the business impact to resonate afterwards will be impressive.  We have been working 15-20 hour days for the past couple of weeks preparing every little detail to make this experience one of the biggest events ever.  Right after this event takes place Marc Accetta is taking me on an all expense paid trip to Atlantis (www.Atlantis.com) in the Bahamas which will put the ultimate topping on this awesome work filled summer and let us start off the fall with a bang.

Well back to work…check out www.MarcAccetta.com and leave a message and stay tuned because coming very…very…very soon will be www.MonicoPerez.com for now check me out on www.myspace.com/BigMoney

 Take Care & God Bless,

Monico Perez


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