Wow…What a Weekend!!!

Man oh Man…Has it been some fun and exciting times since I last posted some info on here, as you read from my past posting we were in Austin, TX finishing up an Acceleration training and going straight into final preparations for A View from the Edge, a weekend training that is put on by Marc Accetta( that incorporates the best of Personal Growth and Development with the most high impact entertainment in the industry to come up with Edutainment.  There is truly no one out there in the world that does something like this anywhere.  So needless to say preparation for this weekend event was put into high gear, we had to get final video projects edited, costumes finalized, powerpoints finalized and still that didn’t even take into account all of the theatre preparation that comes along with the weekend.  To kick off the weekend WorldVentures put on a Red Carpet Kickoff Event to the weekend at Republic Bar( where everyone was there having fun, enjoying themselves and partaking in all of the excitement that was brewing up over A View from the Edge.

    Marc & Kelly Accetta with Monico Perez

As Friday night approached and we kicked off the show the level of excitement and curiosity was at an all time high from everyone because this was the first time they were ever going to go through A View from the Edge.  Everyone did a fabulous job and we were able to have a life altering training for well over 600 people from the WorldVentures( which was founded by Mike Azcue( and Wayne Nugent.  The people were blown away with excitement and often came up to me and several of our staff just thanking us for such an amazing event that we put on.  A View from the Edge takes you on a roller coaster of emotionsof happiness, excitement, sadness, satisfaction, empowerment and belief in yourself.  Marc Accetta hit a grand slam home run in the personal growth & development arena with this weekend event.  I am just happy that so many of my friends from WorldVentures were able to experience this life altering training, I know and believe that they will take all of the information from this weekend and use it to create many wonderful things in their lives and business.  


Now it’s time for some fun!!!  I’ll be heading out to the Bahamas within a week, and I am super excited to go out there relax, have fun and maybe even partake in some of the nightlife that Nassau and The Atlantis Resort( has to offer.  Please stay tuned as I’ll be bringing my website live very shortly, final preparations are being made and you’ll have a great opportunity to see just a little bit of what I go through in my day to day life adventures.  For now check out…


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