Happy New Year 2007!!!

Wishing You Health, Wealth and a Wonderful New Year…

May 2007, be the healthiest, wealthiest, most rewarding year yet, and each and every subsequent year simply get better, better and better!

Looking back at everything that occurred in 2006 I can strongly state that it was one of the best years of my life. Everything just seemed to fall into place from business, personal life, my personal relationships with old friends and all of the new friends that I made, my relationship with God everything was balanced.  I owe this mainly to my boss, best friend and mentor Marc Accetta, I have the great opportunity of hanging out with Marc on a daily basis day in and day out and I am able to see how he uses the techniques that he teaches in everyday situations that allows him to be one of the most successful Personal Success Coaches in the industry of Self-Help and Life Development.  One thing that alot of people do as the time goes by is take on a “why does that happen to me” type of attitude when something wrong occurs in their lives rather than seeing that what occurred is a direct impact of their actions.  I have had several friends that this year instead of getting all hyped up with their resolutions to make more money, or lose more weight or change something in their lives that they weren’t excited about, instead are looking at their actions in 2006 and changing what they’re doing in 2007.  As my mentor states, In order for things to change, You have to change and in order for things to get better, you have to get better.  And that goes for anything, whether its finances, physical, mental, social, spiritual or emotional aspects of someones life.  As I close the chapter of my life on 2006, I wish to all of my friends and family the very best in business and life and hope that all of your most amazing desires be reached in 2007 and that you are able to state that 2007 was your best year ever!

Sincerely your friend,

Monico R. Perez

www.MarcAccetta.com – Total Success Coaching


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