Las Vegas….what a trip!

Hello to all my fellow friends out there.  Man has it been a crazy couple of weeks since I last spoke on here about my lunch with Dallas Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban.  Since then we had a awesome training out in Long Beach, with Marc Accetta for WorldVentures, then took ourselves out to Vegas for a day and then back to San Diego, hung out there for Valentine’s Day and got a chance to chill with some friends and have some R & R.  Then got back to Dallas and literally had 1 day to pack everything for WorldVentures Annual Event out in Las Vegas.  Ben our videographer and myself took to the road and began documenting everything on video, look out for that very soon on

Once we arrived in Las Vegas, it was fun, fun, fun, till obviously the convention, but till then we got a chance to go out and hang at one of my favorite clubs in Vegas, PURE @ Ceasar’s Palace.  If you ever want to see what happens to all the money people lose on hands and slot machines, go into PURE and you’ll why not only are they one of the hottest clubs in the U.S. but also how in one night of gambling the entire club was paid for.  From there it was off to see some sites down on the Las Vegas Strip, including the Bellagio fountains, The Mirage, MGM, all those multi billion dollar casinos.  On the next day, Thursday, my boss and some of the owners from WV got together to go watch the Danny Gans Show…man is that an awesome show to go see, I had been to Vegas about 12 times and never imagined that there was something I hadn’t seen but he is entertaining, funny, just an awesome show to go and watch.  The next day is was work, work, work…and that was the case pretty much for the majority of the weekend, WV had their Annual Convention which attracted close to 1,200 people in attendance and a couple more hundred that were staggering in to be blown away by the technology, travel vendors and other news that were announced by Mike Azcue, Wayne Nugent, Robert Oblon and Dan Stammen, now known as the DreamTeam.  Marc Accetta, WV Director of Training,  once again hit a home run and blew people’s minds away with doing one of his characters from A View from the Edge which is a life altering training that everyone should go through at one point in their lives that show will be occuring in November of 2007.  Friday night, we saw the amazing talent of Hypnotism as done by Marshall Sylver, which was an awesome show.  Saturday night we had the opportunity to visit Rick Thomas, extraordinary magician, he did a special show for the WV group which was freaking amazing some of the stuff he did on stage, still has me wondering how he did that.  As the weekend came to an end, there was still a buzz throughout the air of A View from the Edge and all of the great stuff to come in 2007.  Sunday afternoon a special group gathered together to visit at Rick Thomas’s house in Las Vegas and see his amazing habitat for his white tigers and other special animals that he has and uses during his shows, Wow was this a treat!!!  Sunday night we all went out and hung out for some much needed beverages and some downtime just hanging out and having fun and partaking in what Las Vegas has to offer. 

Las Vegas is a great city, never seems to disappoint anyone who visits there for either their first time or their 20th time, there’s always something new and exciting right around the corner for anyone’s liking. 

 For more pics check out  and coming very soon



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