It’s such a Small World!!!

In the past couple of weeks, it’s kinda become more apparent to me that we are all some what connected by the people that we encounterin our lives.  I know living in Austin, Tx we sometimes would play the drinking game of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, where anyone actor/actress has some sort of connection to actor/musician Kevin Bacon within 6 relationships, and what’s amazing that you can use any actor/actress from any time era and it will work, for some crazy reason they are all connected either by movie, or show.  Who knows we could’ve been playing the game wrong just as an excuse to drink.  Two weekends ago, I went out to celebrate my friend Danielle’s Birthday out at Suite, then afterwards we hung out with some of her friends at their condo in downtown Dallas, and got a chance to meet Jesse Metcalfe, better known from John Tucker Must Die, and also from Desperate Housewives.  It was cool hanging out with him, and seeing how down to earth he was ,the coolest was that he wasn’t all, oh look at me I am an actor guy.  Then one of the girls that I met there, I ran into her friend at a club on Tuesday night, which I didn’t know before then but we were talking about the weekend and it came up that her friend was also hanging out at that party with Metcalfe.  But this past week, I went out with my buddy Robert Oblon and Marc Accetta( to Candleroom here in Dallas,TX.  As we were hanging out and enjoying a nice bottle of Ketel One, we ran into Jeanette, one of the most beautiful, humble, funny women that I have met here in Dallas, well she was with the girl I had met on Tuesday night, which was pretty funny.  Then later on that night they moved us from the table that we were supposed to be at, to another one cause Tony Romo, Dallas Quarterback was in the house.  That night went on, we had a blast and well the rest is on MySpace page…so you can be nosey on your own.  Then as Friday night came along, Jon my buddy that works over at Kinki Lounge had a Birthday Bash with himself, Mia Vincent and some other beautiful women from VIVID Promotions.  I was excited to go, it had been a while since I had seen Jen Cook do any shoots, including Lisa Christine and some other ladies.  So I headed out there with my friends Marc & Kelly Accetta, Stephanie, aka Stephmeister and we were hanging out having fun, seeing the shoot, then Brett & Jen Buckles joined in on the fun.  Had a chance to meet up with and chat with an amazing photographer Greg Woodson, and spoke about hopefully working together down the road.  Later on in the night, once again, here comes in Tony Romo with his crew…LOL, so at the end of the night, Stephanie knew his trainer which was with him and told him what had happened earlier that week with the table, the guy was laughing and said that Tony knew something about that, so he introduced us, and we hung out, got some shots together, pictures that is, pictures and just laughed at the entire situation.  I just thought to myself that in a city as huge as Dallas it is amazing how people you meet everyday can have connections that will connect you to them down the road.  I am always a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and that all of the events in my life have lead me to where I am today.  I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and that everything happens in your life for a reason, that we are not simply put onto this life just to breathe, there’s a specific purpose for the actions that happen in our everyday lives as well as the actions that we take ourselves.  I feel lucky to have tons of friends and family to share these wonderful interactions with and look forward to sharing everything else that comes up in the weeks and months to come. 

I am also in the middle of working on a new website that I’ll be introducing called, trust me you’ll love it.  It’s going to be one of the most fun, entertaining sites you’ll ever see, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people throughout my life, as well as do some pretty out of the ordinary things that I condiser to make my life above average, so now I am building a site that illustrates to everyone that, YOU TOO CAN HAVE THE STAR!!!



One thought on “It’s such a Small World!!!

  1. What are your favoritte films?

    My list is here:
    MAX HEADROOM – RAKERS #175903, 1987
    INTO THE BADLANDS #71206, 1991
    Baby Huey, 1995
    Stowaway To The Moon, 1975
    HIDDEN HILLS, 2002-2003

    You may find all of it on imdb


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