WOW….What a Start to the Summer!!!

Hello everyone…..I know, I know…I haven’t written on here in such a long time.  But just so much has been happening at a rapid rate that I hardly even have time to get on here and write. but I will be posting more and more frequently.  Well since that last time that we were on here alot of awesome, fun stuff has happened.  To kick off May, my boss and I went on a Wild Turkey Hunting Trip.  Which first of all for those of you that have been around me or gotten to know me, me going on a hunting trip causes a bit of a chuckle on it’s own.  But yes we went hunting for a week at Paradise Adventures in Altoona, Kansas.  From the moment we got there it was fun and interesting, the fact that people actually pay money to do this and do it often as a sport, I was shocked!  First of all we get there and then do some target practicing which was fun, then they advise us that we have to wear this stuff called Rhino Skin cause there is a 100% chace that we are going to get ticks on us….I was like TICKS…WTF? So we get this Rhino Skin, then we are told that we have to wake up at 4am and get ready to head on out.  We get to the destination which is like 20 miles away from where we are staying.  We then get off and start walking and walking and walking but we can’t talk because Turkeys have a keen sense of hearing and sight. So we had to be very quiet walking through farmland fields thoughout Kansas with all this equipment, guns, ammo, and lets just say it wasn’t what I had signed up for.  But I was there looking forward to hunting a turkey, then we find a site where we are going to hunt so I get ready, and the guide tells us well you have to sit here I’ll cover you up with branches and then we wait for them.  Well that conversation took place at 5:00am, at about 8:30am he lets me know that we might have to move elsewhere, as soon as we get up, like 5 turkeys fly away from behind us, so we now have to hike some more and find another spot.  Needless to say I waited on them turkeys for 4 consecutive days , woke up each day at 4:00am and got back at 7:00pm, hiked well over 50 miles and shot my gun once and yep you guessed it, the only turkey I ate was from a sandwich at a convenience store that I picked up on my way to Phoenix but, NO TICKS….YAY.  LOL.  It was a great experience and I think that I might do it again, but not like every year. 

When I arrived in Phoenix, I was very excited and anticipating my big 30th birthday party that we had planned out at PussyCat Lounge in Scottsdale, AZ.  We had Danny Masterson(aka Hyde from That 70’s Show) and Steve Aoki as guest DJ’s.  And all weekend long it was just building up to that.  Reason for having it in Phoenix was that was the dates in which WorldVentures was having an Acceleration Training there, which on its own was a major event, we had well over 1200 people on the first night where they had to do 2 meetings on that same night.  Truely unbelieveable but when you’re hott, you’re hott and right now WorldVentures is HOTT!!!  So as Sunday night approached, we had themed it out with it being a White Party….so we got everyone ready and had 6 white limos waiting on us to take everyone to the party.  I obviously had the VIP Limo in the front, with Robert Oblon, Marc and Kelly Accetta, Dave and Yvette Ulloa and Jefferson Santos, Kari and Lisha (Twins), Eddie Head and our video guy Ben Hogan oh yeah and my first bday gift of a Jose Cuervo Tequilla bottle, so we had to toast to a great night.  As we arrived at PussyCat Lounge there was already several people there waiting on us to get there and start partying….The night went on and it was a blast we had over 100 people in attendance, Shawn Marion from the Phoenix Suns who was also celebrating his BDay, came over and was like man what are you doing over here, you have all the girls….LOL, I told him that’s what you get for losing to the San Antonio Spurs…LOL!!! Which I am not a Spurs hater, I just wanted the Dallas Mavericks to do something other than pretend to play basketball towards the end.  But the night was a blast we had 9 VIP Tables and tons of my friends there, we were able to get it all on video so be looking for that very very soon.  A big major Thanks to Robert Oblon for setting everything up for that night, I literally didn’t have to do anything just show up and have a good time, which wasn’t that hard to do.  I also will be starting a new website called, which will focus on what I love doing which is having fun all over the US, setting up people with VIP Concierge services all over the nation so be looking out for that.

From there I came back to Dallas for a brief stop on my way down to Del Rio, TX , for my sister Rocio’s high school graduation.  Which was cool to go down and see her graduate, I am very proud of her and hope her the best as she goes on to college and what not.  So that was cool going down and seeing my family and friends and hanging out with my family. 

So things have been very busy, traveling, working doing trainings with Marc Accetta and working on getting his new training website up and running.  It is awesome to be able to work with someone that helps you achieve balance in your life.  His main goal is on teaching and having people understand on how to achieve balance in all areas of your life spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial and social, which I don’t think I am lacking in that one. LOL, But I have really started focusing on my physical right now and got a personal trainer and have been watching what I eat and just looking down the road at being healthier overall.  Which is quite a change, especially with my schedule of being on the road and traveling sometimes exercise was the least of my worries but it’s just a matter of making time for it and prioritizing it.  So things are going great.  And I am looking forward to getting some more info here and getting my site launched…till next time…Keep on having fun and loving and living life!!!


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