Well it’s definitely been some time since I’ve gotten some free time to sit down post some new material.  It’s definitely been a great summer so far and things are just getting better, since I last was on here it was sometime right after my birthday in May. 

Well soon after that we were off to Palm Springs where we were having Journey, a week long life-changing training that was given by Marc Accetta ( for all the WorldVentures people.  Out of all of the trainings that I have been there I would have to say that Journey has had the biggest impact not only on my personal life but also in business, my relationships with friends and family, my health and finances.  The week just puts you through a number of different activities that allows you to create life long changes that are amazing.  With all of the momentum that WorldVentures is creating in the Network Marketing industry and the Travel Business, it was great to see so many of their leaders there to go through this life altering training along side their reps. 

Upon arriving back in Dallas it was great to have some time off and set up a birthday party for my good friend Sharon.  We started off at Kenichi and then went down to Kinky Lounge for some much needed drinks and fun…Trust me it was fun!!!  From there we went back out to the West Coast and did a training at the Hotel Biltmore in downtown LA where they filmed several movies like Poseidon, The Fight Club, etc…We then went across the country to New York City to have the first ever training with Marc Accetta, Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent.  Which everyone knows the type of success that Marc has had in Network Marketing but it was a real treat to hear and learn from Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent, Co-Owners of WorldVentures.  These guys gave the best of the best information for everyone on how to go out and make millions in this industry.  They delivered their material in a way that was just set perfectly for anyone to go out there and be successful.  The trip was definitely cool cause I got see one of comedians that I look up to, Tracy Morgan @ Carolines, which was just a hilarious event, also got to finally visit Little Italy and had my tour guide Courtney just show me around the city…still no subway ride though:(…

As soon as I left New York it was a mad dash for Dallas on my behalf and Marc took off to go out to LA to shoot a part in a new movie that he was asked to be in called “The Power of Mentorship“.  The smash hit DVD called The Secret was released in March 2006 and according to Time Magazine, sold 500,000 units within the first 6 months.
Now, just as viewers are beginning to long for a sequel to The Secret; Don Boyer has officially announced something even grander: The Power of Mentorship, The Movie. A film by some of the top teachers in ‘The movie ‘The Secret’. featuring experts in wealth building such as Bob Proctor and Marie Diamond from The Secret, Don & Melinda Boyer from the Best Selling “Power of Mentorship” book series, and Mick Moore The Internet Entrepreneur. There are 21 teachers featured in this film and Marc Accetta has been asked to be one of those teachers.

The film is being produced and directed by David Scandlyn who has produced television shows for various studios such as FOX, THE WB and KTLA. and has been in the visual effects industry for over 12 years. His work can be seen on television, movies, cartoons, and video games such as Texas Hold Em. His most recent work is with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay’s, TRANSFORMERS MOVIE.

At the core of the Power of Mentorship movie is Don Boyers’ central philosophy called The Law of Attraction. In fact, the movie itself was inspired by this very same law when the producer, Don Boyer wrote a book by the same title in 2006. Don Boyer suggests that getting what you want out of life is a predictable outcome if one can master the principles outlined in the book. The law of attraction is not some strange New-Age method of thinking, it’s the very foundational law of how life works on this planet It is no different in operation or origin than the law of gravity or the law of Physics”.

The Power of Mentorship movie is a transformational movie. It starts where the secret left off and your life may never be the same after you watch this movie.  The movie has created such a buzz, it is already being touted as the ‘Must See’ film of 2008 from countless mass media markets.

But just as the genie in The Secret proclaimed, Your Wish Is My Command, we now find delivered to our doorstep a step-by-step path everyone can follow. This movie is the most comprehensive training for mastering wealth creation philosophies ever created.

I am very excited, proud and happy for Marc, obviously he’s my boss but first and foremost he’s my best friend and I just feel that he’s definitely paid his dues in this industry and has used this same Law of Attraction principle to achieve this in his life. 

This past week I was out in Ft. Lauderdale, FL hanging out with some friends at a nightclub celebrating my best friend Robert Oblon’s birthday party after we just had gotten back from a week long Carribean Cruise which was titled the Robert Oblon Birthday Cruise….man was that fun, we went to Grand Cayman Islands, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Key West and well sometimes the fun on the ship was better than off the ship…it was just simply something we came up with the key phrase…YOU SHOULD BE HERE!!! It was awesome cause unlike other trips that normal people go on, we were on a ship that had close to 500 people that were there to celebrate Robert’s Birthday and it was also a WorldVentures DreamTrip….This is the only guy I know that celebrated his birthday every night of the week, But upon finishing up the festivities on Saturday night and as this guy at the club asked me, how do you do all this….I was like what? He’s like this…. travel around the world, be around fun,  awesome,  successful people all the time, work with a super successful personal coach, be at the hottest clubs out there, and partying with the hottest people out there…and I thought about it and its the same thing Law of Attraction rather than chasing after all these things that most people would love to do, I just attract those things to me.  I am truely blessed to have amazing people in my life that help guide, protect and show me how life should be lived but at the same time I am thankful to God for putting these people in my life to begin with and allowing all these things to happen in my life.  I know things are just going to be getting better and better, I am still working on getting MyVIPNation up and running and have people eagerly awaiting to jump on board and help me launch this new business site.  I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on….check out for other updates and just keep on attracting great things into your life.


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