Dustin “SCREECH” Diamond tells all on “Saved by the Bell” cast!

I admit, I was and partially still am a fan of “Saved by the Bell”, however doesn’t sound like Screech is so much a fan anymore. LOL.  Yesterday morning, I was listening to Howard Stern on my sirius and they had Screech on…better known to his family as Dustin Diamond.   I picked up the interview halfway but soon figured that Screech is definitely making no apparent friends by releasing his book that apparently tells all from the cast of Saved by the Bell.

Howard was allowing some callers to call in and comment and ask questions to poor ol Screech, which was a bit sluggish to answer and sometimes just stayed quiet, not sure if it was that he was overwhelmed with the negative publicity he was getting in return, or the nasty comments that some of the callers were giving him, but all in all it was great to hear Screech try to defend himself. 

Apparently he makes claims of Mario Lopez, hooking up with several of the female casts members including some of the special guests that they had throughout the show, at which Howard commented…well that’s kinda cool. Way to go Mario. LOL.  The bottom line that Howard and the gang summed up is that Dustin Diamond, aka Screech is now for some reason looking at his fellow ex-costars and seeing how they have gone on to bigger and better things and he’s just not that high in demand.  So he’s released a book in the hopes to stir up some publicity and generate some money in his pocket.  Anyways not that its super important just thought I’d write and include a brief article I found on FOX Entertainment…Enjoy!!!



  • “Saved by the Bell” star Dustin Diamond is spilling the beans on what went on behind the scenes of the mega-successful teen show.

    Diamond, 32, has written a tell-all book entitled “Behind the Bell” that shares all the insider secrets of the sitcom, which ran from 1989 to 1993. According to Diamond, the six teen stars were involved in sex, drugs, womanizing, hard partying and even steroids.

     Diamond told FOX News that Mark Paul Gosselar, who played Zack Morris, took steroids before starring in “The College Years” spinoff.

    “He admitted it to me,” Diamond said. “Plus, you can’t lie to your eyes, if you watch the college years, you can see about 25 pounds of growth in about 2 months of filming.”

    Diamond also claims that Mario Lopez, who played teen-hunk A.C. Slater was a “serial womanizer” to put it “nicely.”

    According to “Behind the Bell,” producers went to great lengths to portray Gosselar, Lopez, Diamond, Lark Voorhees, Tiffani Thiessan and Elizabeth Berkely as squeaky clean, despite the debauchery that took place on and off set.

    “When the finished product came out,” the image of the young stars was wholesome, despite an indicated tendency to let their success go to their heads, Diamond claims.


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