Told you, I am not crazy!

How Does Your Pet Keep You Healthy?, was the title of the article I recently read on The New York Times.  And it caught my attention because for several of you that know me and have followed me for a while, I never had imagined about having a pet.  Of course when I was small I had several pets or I guess just animals that would be hanging out at our house.  My first pet was a Doberman Pincher which he was awesome.  A tough, fast, lean, mean fighting machine until he got rabies and then it just pretty much was unsafe to have him around, not to mention that happened about the time when the movie, “KUJO” came out, which scarred the crap out of me.  Then I went from a mean machine to a soft, white, cute bunny rabbit that I cared for, fed and took care of until the summer of 4th grade when I went to visit my cousins and well lets just say that my mom didn’t have the same passion for the rabbit as I did and she did take him outside in his cage to feed him on grass, but then forgot to move his cage out of the direct sunlight and for those of you that have been in South Texas in the middle of summer, well my bunny died of heat stroke that summer.

I hadn’t had an actual pet until this past Valentine’s Day, when I thought it would be sweet to get Melinda, my girlfriend a kitty.  She’s always had cats in her life and loves them.  So we got a cute cat that we rescued and she let me name him.  Well on trying to find a tough, manly name for my small furball, I came up with, “GUINNESS”, and the rest is history.

Guinness Purrez

He is the most amazing cat that I could have ever wished for.  Initially I didn’t think we’d be fit for each other but now I am thinking that I got myself a Valentine’s Day gift instead of Melinda. LOL.  I make crazy videos with him, we talk, I’ve taught him to roll over and a couple of other tricks that will eventually get him on the big screen…OK you’re right maybe I am getting a little bit too over excited but I honestly feel that having a pet can definitely enhance your life.

I had always had a severe allergic reactions to cats which is one of the reasons I never had one before but in the past year I had started a regular acupuncture treatment for other health ailments that I had.  I found a great doctor that Marc had suggested to me that he had been using and had helped him out with various things.  So I thought what the heck let me give it a shot.  Well within my treatment I started to obviously feel a lot better, my high blood pressure lowered, I slowly started to lose weight and well when we got Guinness my allergies to cats that I once had were gone.  My eyes didn’t tear up, No more irritation it was incredible. I have had Guinness literally be right by my eyes and where over a year ago I would’ve immediately started tearing up and scratching my eyes out.  I have no problems at all anymore. If any of you want more information and are in the Dallas or Austin area please look up our doctor.  Her name is Dr. Laurie Powell.

I hope this story has perhaps made you think a bit more about perhaps getting a pet in your life or maybe valuing the one you have a bit more.  I’d love to hear or see any stories or videos that you’ve captured with your pet.  You’ll find the article below that inspired me to write this blog.

Here are some of my GUINNESS VIDEOS!

How Does Your Pet Keep You Healthy?


Numerous studies show that pets are good for your health. Pet ownership may lower risk for heart problems. Others studies show dogs can sniff out health problems and even make better walking partners than humans.

Now we want you to help us document in video how dogs, cats and other companion animals can make life better and improve health. Do you dance with your cat? Play Frisbee with your dog? Sing with your bird? Send us your videos showing how your pets keep you healthy.

Once we’ve collected your video stories, we’ll post the results on the Well blog.


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