Manifest Foundation-DreamCourt-WorldVentures & Nancy Lieberman

Want to be a part of history?! We’re going to be in Frisco, TX at the site of the first-ever DreamCourt at 8:00am tomorrow (Tues) to lay the tiles! All the hard work’s been done, now we just need some extra hands to make quick work of this last stage.

Nancy Lieberman Ribbon Cutting - Manifest Foundation - WorldVenturesThe Manifest Foundation is dedicated to creating lasting positive change in the world by impacting the lives of children. They are simultaneously full of unimaginable hope and promise, yet often they are our most abused, neglected, and ignored citizens. But, as the future of our society, caretakers of our planet, and the government and business leaders of tomorrow, we believe that failing to take care of our children is a failure of unimaginable proportion.

Since its launch in 2005, founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue and the executive team of WorldVentures have built the company with a belief in the life-changing power of travel and network marketing. Tens of thousands of customers, able to take better vacations, more often, have realized such benefits as decreased stress, higher work satisfaction, and improved personal relationships, on top of the basic financial savings they enjoy. And Representatives, able to generate part-time supplemental income, or even total income replacement and financial independence, have been able to ease their financial burdens, bring spouses home from work, spend more time with their families, and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Our Vision is to be the catalyst for the development of young girls and boys throughout the country by using basketball as a motivational tool. Nancy Lieberman is dedicated to expanding and ensuring sports opportunities for youth through her basketball camps and clinics.


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