Largest Event WorldVentures has EVER had! Check It OUT!

Well it’s been a bit over a week since we held the largest event that WorldVentures has ever had!  This event is of course, A View from The Edge led by Marc Accetta at the Allen Events Center in Allen, TX.  As we prepare to head out to Nice, France to have this event for over 1,200 people from all over Europe & Asia I just wanted to give everyone a quick glimpse at to what Marc Accetta and Team were able to create over the past weekend.


Stay tuned for another awesome recap video from our View from the Edge in Nice, France.

And remember if you have any awesome pics from the view make sure you tag them with #view12 in order to have them get maximum exposure to the world!

Follow me on Twitter @monicoperez so that you can get a highlight of the weekends event in France!

2 thoughts on “Largest Event WorldVentures has EVER had! Check It OUT!

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