7 Signs Your Friend Is a Jerk

Came across this funny but true article on Inc.com that I wanted to share with everyone and make sure you either aren’t or stop being a jerk! LOL! Enjoy!


If you identify the jerks quickly, you won’t waste your time trying to work with them.

In today’s hectic world, you must decide quickly whether you want to mingle, work with or interact with somebody. Unless you enjoy being miserable, it’s useful to spot the jerks quickly, before you commit. Here are the seven “red flag” behaviors:

1. Badmouthing

Only a jerk–and an insecure jerk, at that–would attempt to make himself (or herself) look better by disparaging others.

2. Littering

Anybody who throws something on the ground and expects somebody else to bend down and pick it up is automatically a jerk.

3. Rudeness

Curtness to underlings and anyone else who “doesn’t matter” is always a sign of deep-seated jerkitude.

4. Undertipping

In the U.S., waiters and waitresses make $2.13 an hour. Any customer who doesn’t tip at least 15 percent (regardless of service) lacks either a heart or a brain. Either way… jerk!

5. Ostentation

Jerks think showy watches, fancy cars, and expensive office furniture set them above the hoi-polloi.  In fact, pricey accoutrements simply scream “jerk!”

6. Profanity

The occasional expletive is forgivable but repeated use of the F-bomb reveals anger at the world and fundamental disrespect to everyone listening.

7. Aggressive driving

People who risk other people’s lives simply to shave a few seconds off their own schedule are inconsiderate jerks.  And dangerous ones, at that.


Dustin “SCREECH” Diamond tells all on “Saved by the Bell” cast!

I admit, I was and partially still am a fan of “Saved by the Bell”, however doesn’t sound like Screech is so much a fan anymore. LOL.  Yesterday morning, I was listening to Howard Stern on my sirius and they had Screech on…better known to his family as Dustin Diamond.   I picked up the interview halfway but soon figured that Screech is definitely making no apparent friends by releasing his book that apparently tells all from the cast of Saved by the Bell.

Howard was allowing some callers to call in and comment and ask questions to poor ol Screech, which was a bit sluggish to answer and sometimes just stayed quiet, not sure if it was that he was overwhelmed with the negative publicity he was getting in return, or the nasty comments that some of the callers were giving him, but all in all it was great to hear Screech try to defend himself. 

Apparently he makes claims of Mario Lopez, hooking up with several of the female casts members including some of the special guests that they had throughout the show, at which Howard commented…well that’s kinda cool. Way to go Mario. LOL.  The bottom line that Howard and the gang summed up is that Dustin Diamond, aka Screech is now for some reason looking at his fellow ex-costars and seeing how they have gone on to bigger and better things and he’s just not that high in demand.  So he’s released a book in the hopes to stir up some publicity and generate some money in his pocket.  Anyways not that its super important just thought I’d write and include a brief article I found on FOX Entertainment…Enjoy!!!



  • “Saved by the Bell” star Dustin Diamond is spilling the beans on what went on behind the scenes of the mega-successful teen show.

    Diamond, 32, has written a tell-all book entitled “Behind the Bell” that shares all the insider secrets of the sitcom, which ran from 1989 to 1993. According to Diamond, the six teen stars were involved in sex, drugs, womanizing, hard partying and even steroids.

     Diamond told FOX News that Mark Paul Gosselar, who played Zack Morris, took steroids before starring in “The College Years” spinoff.

    “He admitted it to me,” Diamond said. “Plus, you can’t lie to your eyes, if you watch the college years, you can see about 25 pounds of growth in about 2 months of filming.”

    Diamond also claims that Mario Lopez, who played teen-hunk A.C. Slater was a “serial womanizer” to put it “nicely.”

    According to “Behind the Bell,” producers went to great lengths to portray Gosselar, Lopez, Diamond, Lark Voorhees, Tiffani Thiessan and Elizabeth Berkely as squeaky clean, despite the debauchery that took place on and off set.

    “When the finished product came out,” the image of the young stars was wholesome, despite an indicated tendency to let their success go to their heads, Diamond claims.


  • Life is Good!

    Well here we are just a couple of days after my 32nd birthday and man oh man, has it been an exciting past couple of days.  It all started off on the right foot when we were out in New Jersey for a WorldVentures Acceleration Training, which it’s always awesome to visit the east coast and just get to see the sites, eat the food and people watch.  At this training it was awesome because it was the first time that Ex-NFL Denver Bronco Gerald Willhite took the stage.  And to say that he delivered is an understatement…he is one of the most powerful trainers that WorldVentures has.  He concluded his speaking on Sunday with a ride down memory lane allowing everyone to see some of his high light reels from when he played for the Denver Bronco’s and man this guy is ruthless on the field.  Also we got an invitation to go and eat at Tribeca Grill which is owned by Robert DeNiro.   WOW is that place good, nestled within the Greenwich Village and only blocks down from Ground Zero, it was truly an East Coast Treat.  From there we headed to the opposite side of the US out to Burbank, California for our 2nd Acceleration Training headed by Marc Accetta, featuring Kari Schneider, Byron Schrag and Troy Brown.  This team of trainers just kept on setting the bar higher and higher and for anyone in attendance can definitely tell you, if you missed Burbank, YOU HONESTLY MISSED OUT ON SOME GREAT INFORMATION.  Each one of these WorldVentures Acceleration Trainings offer amazing building tools for people that are either starting off their business or are networking veterans.  Don’t miss May in Kansas City!

    As many of you know, I work directly with Marc Accetta (www.MarcAccetta.com) and for the past couple of weeks we have been working diligently on giving his website a brand new facelift.  Not that the old site was not good because it was, but there were several details that we had wanted to update.  For instance, before we used to have a video section that members could log into and view personal growth videos that Marc Accetta would do, now we still have that section with all brand new videos and we’ve named it MarcTV, the great thing about this section is that it is completely and totally FREE for everyone to view and share with their friends.  With the technology of video sharing and posting, we’ve allowed all visitors to not only view all of the videos but also allow them to share them on Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and several other Social Networking sites that are out there.  We have had a lot of visitors and repeat visitors based on the fact that Marc Accetta  is one of the few Success Coaches out there that offers a FREE Personality Test that allows you to not only take the test online but then gives you your results immediately and allows you to go through and allow Marc Accetta himself to explain what each one of the personalities means and between updating the site and working on our normal Acceleration Trainings with WorldVentures to say that we had little time for play was an understatement.  Luckily we were able to get in a little bit of play.

    Thanks to Mike Putman, President of Rovia, he invited me and my girlfriend to a weekend getaway to hang out in Vegas for the weekend, alongside his wife and our friend Robert Shultz.

    Monico & Melinda, Mike & Beth Putman, Robert & Anita Schultz
    Monico & Melinda, Mike & Beth Putman, Robert & Anita Schultz

    I am definitely no stranger to Las Vegas myself but hadn’t had an opportunity to stay or visit the Encore property until now and wow is this property in a category of its own.  Most properties throughout Las Vegas have the similar sections with their buffets, casino floors, pools, shops, etc. however, Encore is in a league of it’s own.  Right from the get go, we started having fun and some “Red Watson’s”, if you haven’t gotten a chance to try this drink…I definitely suggest you try it!  It was just another great time that we all had there in Las Vegas throughout the day and then into the evening as we went out to The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay and finished off the night at XS Nightclub at the Encore.  The entire weekend was just a breath of fresh air, I don’t think I had been on a non-work related trip in about 3 years, Saturday included more of the same fun, gambling and site seeing that I hadn’t gotten a chance to do in a while.  That night we met up with friends from Las Vegas, Tim & Hali Gillin and Robert & Susan Sprauge which are recently became engaged so it was a semi-celebration of their engagement.  But we went out to Nobu for dinner which has some of the most amazing sushi I have ever had and finished off the night at PURE in Ceasar’s Palace.  My cousin which for some reason always manages to be in Las Vegas when I am there works for www.Tickets4AnyEvent.com  and was there for several shows taking care of clients and in return took care of us at PURE that night, we had a blast till about 8am and still managed to catch our flights out on Sunday.

    Then it was back to Dallas for a quick trip before we headed out to Philadelphia to see Denis Leary, which I know some of you already know I had seen him earlier this year at his Rescue Me Comedy Tour here in Dallas,TX.  But being that it was going to be his last show of the year and also Marc and Kelly Accetta were going to be out in Philadelphia for business, I figured Me and Melinda would get tickets and fly out to meet them in the evening after their business affairs for some laughter.  Little did I know that I would have an opportunity to not only check out Denis Leary’s last show of the tour but also get to see Bruce Springsteen and eat a famous Philly Cheese steak from the famous Pat’s King of Steaks, (http://www.patskingofsteaks.com/index.html) all within a quick 2 day trip.

    Pat's Philly Cheese Steak

    I have always heard of how many fans Bruce Springsteen has out towards the East Coast and if I ever had the opportunity to go and see him in concert East Coast would be the place to do it.  Growing up I followed The Boss but not as hardcore as some people that know every word to every song.  Besides I knew all of the famous MTV songs, Glory Days, Dancing in the Dark, Born in the USA.  Not until I met and began to work with Marc Accetta that I started knowing a couple of other songs that I began to enjoy.  So when presented with the opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen out in Philly…I was so excited.  It’s so awesome to see that Marc not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.  Here I see him at several seminars telling individuals to Work Hard and Play Hard but never did I imagine that he would take time out of his business schedule to come down and take me to my first ever Bruce Springsteen concert.  And from the 1st note it was just incredible to see someone take such control of the stage and the audience with every song, every note, every word that came out of Bruce.  E Street Band was also in full effect just being as amazing as people had told me they were.  Being a drummer myself, I was excited to see Max Weinberg take the stage and do what he does best behind that drumset.

    As the long-time drummer for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band (1974-1989) Weinberg has performed for millions of people around the world and been featured at many prestigious events, including the 1993 and 1997 Presidential Inauguration Galas, the 1995 Grammy Awards and the 1995 Gala Concert for the dedication of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, where he rejoined his former group. Called “the rhythmic backbone of the E Street Band,” by Robert Palmer of The New York Times, Weinberg was invited to perform in the East Room of the White House in December 1996 and served as the music director for Comic Relief 8 starring Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams at Radio City Music hall in New York City. (http://www.drummerworld.com/drummers/Max_Weinberg.html)

    And with a couple of days left before my 32nd birthday I can honestly say that God has blessed me in several ways throughout my life, from giving me wonderful parents and family, allowing me to fulfill one of my life long dreams of touring nationwide and recording with a major record label, allowing me the opportunity to see the world but the main thing that I am thankful for after 32 years of life is having the blessing of all my friends.  I have come across so many wonderful people throughout my life that have allowed me in their lives and showed me how to enjoy life and live life to the fullest.  Here’s to everyone I’ve ever been lucky enough to share a conversation or smile with…Love ya!

    Funny or Die Blog: Palin Impression Time! Tina…

    I for one am always looking for a good laugh and at the top of that list is Tina Fey. Congratulations to Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the 30 Rock Cast for giving us a hilarious show and for winning in different categories at the Emmy’s. Here’s a look at Tina Fey in a recent SNL sketch….

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    Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad!!!

    A vengeful Paris Hilton thrust herself into the US presidential race yesterday, issuing a sharp rebuttal to the “wrinkly, white-haired” John McCain for using her image in an attack advertisement last week.

    Ms Hilton, the socialite and hotel heiress, put on a swimsuit to reject the Republican’s comparison of her — and the singer Britney Spears — to Barack Obama.

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