Best Training I’ve ever seen…

Here is by far one of the best trainings I’ve ever experienced in my 20 years of being associated with Personal Growth.

What “perceived limitations” have held you back?

Do you have any current or past “perceived limitations” that have held you back? I know that I have ever since I was small and I was told that I wasn’t fast enough or smart enough it all went in my mind and stayed there and it limited in the things that I would try to do in life.  I would automatically think that I couldn’t do certain things without even trying them because of past mental programming.  How sad that because of these perceived limitations I gave up on myself…I never even tried to see if these limitations were true or not.  Here is a powerful video from Marc Accetta that shows you how these limitations are affecting your everyday life.


Things Always Change

Power To Become – Divine Direction

Here is the 4th and final video that Pastor Craig Groeschel had put together from his book Divine Direction.  Thank you for those of you that watched and shared your feedback.

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Wisdom to Discern – Divine Direction

Trusting God with your Future…Here is the 2nd part to the 4 part video series from Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor at Life.Church.  Enjoy and I’d love to hear your feedback. When you know who to trust, you’ll always be headed in the Divine Direction.


Power to Become – Divine Direction

About a week ago we visited Life Church in Mustang, Oklahoma and I was introduced to Pastor Craig Groeschel who was talking about his most recent book Divine Direction.  Well I haven’t had time to dive into the book but I was able to connect and watch some of the video series that follow the book and it’s incredible stuff.  I figured I’d share it with you and hope that it can serve you as it is serving me.




3 Kinds of Friends 

My very good friend Richard Montez posted this and I wanted to share it as I felt it was a great piece! Richard is founder of Cornerstone Arts that produces Christian theatrical shows worldwide!
1. Faithful – Love you unconditionally. If you get in trouble, they’re there for you. If you have 2-3 in your lifetime, you are a blessed person. Without them, you’ll never be who God has called you to be. They’re lifelong friends, forever.

2. Friendly – They are not into you. They are into what you are for. As long as you are for what they are for, they will walk with you and work with you. This is important to know. If they meet someone else who will help to further their agenda, they will leave you and join them, because they were never for you. Careful, because when you’re broken, you want to confide in them, but remember they’re not for you, but what you are for. As soon as you fall in love with them, they’ll break your heart because they will leave you for someone else. They’re temporary friends, there for a season.
3. Fleeting – These are people who are not for you, nor are they for what you are for. They are simply against what you are against. They’ll team up with you to help fight the greater enemy. Don’t be confused by their association. They’re only with you until the victory is accomplished. They’re like scaffolding. They come into your life for a purpose, and when the purpose is complete, the scaffolding is removed.
Don’t be upset when the Friendly or Fleeting leave you, because they will. They were never really with you in the first place. So be careful then, who you share your dreams with.

God is always faithful. Thank the Lord for the people who are always for you, your Faithful friends.


Truly Brave – Cyndi Lauper & Sara Bareilless

Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles, mashed up their hits ‘True Colors’ and ‘Brave’ to create a song to raise money for the fight against pediatric cancer. The music video for “Truly Brave” features young cancer patients from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

» Watch the making of the “Truly Brave” music video:…

“Trust arrives walking and departs riding!”

Here is a new post that I am using from a good friend, Garrett that I networked with about a month ago and we’ve become good friends.  I felt his posting was great and I asked if I could share it with my network! Enjoy!!!


Never Cheat!!!

Trust walks in on foot but rides out on horseback. (Olde English Proverb)

Any time that it is broken, it quickly leaves. Never cheat; retain integrity; build trust with others. Layer congruent information upon congruent information. When a person cheats, trust goes out the window, rarely to return again. A leader should hold himself/herself to a higher standard. If not, your team will see through you. Cheating may seem like a shortcut to success, but it leads to a sure dead end.

There are three things required to be successful; character, tasks, and relationships. Great businesses are built by men and women following through on their word without the need for lawsuits to ensure integrity.

Andrew Roddick is a tennis pro. He was playing a title match, and he was one point away from winning the title. His opponent served, and the line judge called the serve out. Roddick saw that the ball was actually inside the line and was a good serve. Roddick challenged the call, and the line judge overruled his call. Roddick went on to lose the title to his opponent. But Roddick won the game of integrity. Steven Covey called this “Roddick’s Choice.”

There was a young lady that attended Liam’s school. She has now graduated, but at the time, she was part of the track relay team. Our school’s sports program is fairly new, and winning was rather elusive several years ago. In fact, many schools looked down their noses at our school since our teams were so small, and we didn’t win much across all sports. During this relay, we were neck-in-neck for first place. The girl in second place went down with an injury, in fact, if memory serves, she passed out. Our girl stopped and stayed with this young lady until the girl’s coach arrived on the scene before she picked up her baton and continued the race. By now, we were so far behind there was no hope of coming close to winning, but she continued running. She passed the baton to her sister who finished the race totally alone on the track, crossing the finish line with a standing ovation. These ladies were raised in such a way that they developed character. We might have lost the race, but we won the respect of every single school present. Later, our school received several phone calls from various coaches saying they had never witnessed such a thing in all of their years coaching.

Never steal. If a person steals, he forfeits any trust. Time theft is costing the American economy billions of dollars a year. Wasting time while on the company clock has become an epidemic. This is one reason that it is so difficult for employees to transfer into employer. Many people wouldn’t consider stealing directly from the till, but they have no qualms stealing time. Oftentimes, the decision of not stealing is based on a fear of getting caught. That is someone who has a serious character issue.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. –Martin Luther King

Character moves beyond integrity. Our courage cannot be superseded by fear. What is your mission? What is your action? It takes courage to fulfill our calling.

7 Signs Your Friend Is a Jerk

Came across this funny but true article on that I wanted to share with everyone and make sure you either aren’t or stop being a jerk! LOL! Enjoy!


If you identify the jerks quickly, you won’t waste your time trying to work with them.

In today’s hectic world, you must decide quickly whether you want to mingle, work with or interact with somebody. Unless you enjoy being miserable, it’s useful to spot the jerks quickly, before you commit. Here are the seven “red flag” behaviors:

1. Badmouthing

Only a jerk–and an insecure jerk, at that–would attempt to make himself (or herself) look better by disparaging others.

2. Littering

Anybody who throws something on the ground and expects somebody else to bend down and pick it up is automatically a jerk.

3. Rudeness

Curtness to underlings and anyone else who “doesn’t matter” is always a sign of deep-seated jerkitude.

4. Undertipping

In the U.S., waiters and waitresses make $2.13 an hour. Any customer who doesn’t tip at least 15 percent (regardless of service) lacks either a heart or a brain. Either way… jerk!

5. Ostentation

Jerks think showy watches, fancy cars, and expensive office furniture set them above the hoi-polloi.  In fact, pricey accoutrements simply scream “jerk!”

6. Profanity

The occasional expletive is forgivable but repeated use of the F-bomb reveals anger at the world and fundamental disrespect to everyone listening.

7. Aggressive driving

People who risk other people’s lives simply to shave a few seconds off their own schedule are inconsiderate jerks.  And dangerous ones, at that.