Power To Become – Divine Direction

Here is the 4th and final video that Pastor Craig Groeschel had put together from his book Divine Direction.  Thank you for those of you that watched and shared your feedback.

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Wisdom to Discern – Divine Direction

Trusting God with your Future…Here is the 2nd part to the 4 part video series from Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor at Life.Church.  Enjoy and I’d love to hear your feedback. When you know who to trust, you’ll always be headed in the Divine Direction.


Power to Become – Divine Direction

About a week ago we visited Life Church in Mustang, Oklahoma and I was introduced to Pastor Craig Groeschel who was talking about his most recent book Divine Direction.  Well I haven’t had time to dive into the book but I was able to connect and watch some of the video series that follow the book and it’s incredible stuff.  I figured I’d share it with you and hope that it can serve you as it is serving me.




May All Beings Have A Wonderful Journey.

As I travel around the world and continue to not only work along side of Marc Accetta and Worldventures I also take in what is being taught and continue to grow as a person and to evolve my mind and thinkings.
This morning as I woke up in Phuket, after some much needed sleep, I looked over and saw this book on the night stand not thinking anything of it I opened it and started reading. And loved these thoughts and wanted to share them.

We are all brothers and sisters on an amazing Journey through a constantly changing universe. Sometimes we feel pain. Sometimes we are happy.

Our own effort and action are the engines of our development.

The laws of nature are rational and can be understood. All actions have reactions, and each of us is responsible for all we do.

Being born human is a fantastic opportunity because we have the enormous creative power of our intention and free will.

We are our own masters. We create our own fate, our own heaven and our own hell. We create by the use of our intention and free will.

Our human mind is always creating. Our mental environment is our own responsibility.

By practicing harmlessness, compassion and loving-kindness we cause no harm to ourselves or the world, this creating no new negative feedback.

By paying attention, staying mindful, and bravely examining ourselves and nature, we grow in wisdom. This wisdom will clean our world.

Ultimate freedom is a reachable world.

May we all meet again free from all suffering and laugh together at the past!

This was written by Phra Bhassakorn Bhavilai

I hope you enjoyed it and may we all continue to grow mentally and spiritually! Have a great week!


His Little Princess…

To all my friends out there, I just wanted to share a message with you that unfortunately has broken my heart. Some of you might know my friends Jaime Soto and wife Janell Johnson Soto, were expecting their first newborn to bless their family right around this time.

Gabrielle Marie Soto was born on Thursday, June 24, 2010, at 3:31 p.m., at St. David’s Hospital in Austin, Texas, and passed at 8:46 p.m. that evening.

This is an unfortunate incident that has left not only them in disbelief and with their hearts broken but also has left many family members and friends with sorrow in their hearts and lives. For those of you that don’t know Jaime Soto, is my girlfriend’s younger brother and I know that Melinda was looking forward to and will be an amazing aunt.

I ask you to please keep them and their family in your thoughts and prayers as they will be laying her body to rest this week in Austin, TX. If you’d like to leave them some words of encouragement or a prayer for them to be strong during these difficult times.

Please do so by clicking this link. Hyperlink to Memorial Guestbook

They’ve also created a FaceBook Page that you can join and share your thoughts with the family and friends. Click HERE. Hyperlink to Gabby Soto Facebook Guestbook

We are also trying to help remember Gabby’s time here on this earth with a COMMERATIVE BRICK TO BE LAYED IN HER REMEMBRANCE ALONG TOWN LAKE/LADY BIRD LAKE IN AUSTIN, TX.  If you’d like to donate and help out click on this link.

Thank you for taking the time out and allowing me to share these sites with you in hopes that it can bring some sort of comfort to two amazing people who were not ready to let their little angel go to heaven yet.

I hope that Jaime does not mind me sharing this, but here is a special note he wrote about his becoming a father and all the excitement, fear, happiness and love that comes along with it.

So I’m laying awake in bed as Janell fades in and out of sleep and Bella snores loudly between us, and I can’t stop thinking about our little girl that will be here any day now. I figured I’d write/type my thoughts so I can look back at this and remember all the feelings that I’m experiencing right now and maybe even laugh at how naive and clueless I am. I don’t normally like to broadcast my thoughts and feelings out to the world via Facebook, so that’s why I put this in a note so those that care can read it, and those that don’t can just ignore it.

I’m wide awake and I’m just laying here thinking about our baby like many other nights over the last nine months. I wonder what she looks like and wonder about the person that she’ll become. I wonder if she’ll have her mother’s beautiful blue eyes. Or her fun-loving spirit, and strong will (sounds better than stubbornness, right?). I wonder if she’ll be as selfless and caring as both of her grandmothers. I wonder if she’ll be terrified of drive-thru car washes like her father was when he was a child.

I also wonder about how ready I am for this huge change. Am I going to be as good a father as my dad was/is? Am I really going to be as good a father as I say and think I am going to be? I’ve done a lot to prepare and I really feel that I am about as ready as I can be as a first time dad (this is probably where I’ll laugh when I read this in a few months). I have a few doubts about myself living up to my own expectations, but one thing that gives me confidence is having the advantage of having my own wonderful, loving parents as an example. I probably complained a lot growing up and didn’t appreciate them as much as I should have, but they have always given me enormous amounts of love and support. And knowing how much that helped me growing up, I will always try to remember to do the same for my own children. I know there’s a whole lot more to it than that, but it definitely helps to have a good foundation.

I also think about my wife during these sleepless nights. I’ve always known Janell was an amazing person, and although I’ve never taken her for granted, these last nine months have really reminded me of that. In fact, they’ve shown me that’s she’s even more amazing than I knew. She’s really been great through all of this. Her OCD-like planning has been helpful seeing as there are an insane amount of things that you need to buy and get ready before the baby is born. And even on some of her most uncomfortable days we managed to get out and have a fun time even though I’m sure she would have much rather just stayed in bed. She’s gone 9 months without a real drink, and has carried our daughter in her belly, and even after all that she still manages to look as radiant as the day I met her.

I’d like to thank all of you who have emailed me and given me feedback on various books that I can share with Jaime and Janell and if you have any other words, books, etc that can help…we’d appreciate it.

WOW….What a Start to the Summer!!!

Hello everyone…..I know, I know…I haven’t written on here in such a long time.  But just so much has been happening at a rapid rate that I hardly even have time to get on here and write. but I will be posting more and more frequently.  Well since that last time that we were on here alot of awesome, fun stuff has happened.  To kick off May, my boss and I went on a Wild Turkey Hunting Trip.  Which first of all for those of you that have been around me or gotten to know me, me going on a hunting trip causes a bit of a chuckle on it’s own.  But yes we went hunting for a week at Paradise Adventures in Altoona, Kansas.  From the moment we got there it was fun and interesting, the fact that people actually pay money to do this and do it often as a sport, I was shocked!  First of all we get there and then do some target practicing which was fun, then they advise us that we have to wear this stuff called Rhino Skin cause there is a 100% chace that we are going to get ticks on us….I was like TICKS…WTF? So we get this Rhino Skin, then we are told that we have to wake up at 4am and get ready to head on out.  We get to the destination which is like 20 miles away from where we are staying.  We then get off and start walking and walking and walking but we can’t talk because Turkeys have a keen sense of hearing and sight. So we had to be very quiet walking through farmland fields thoughout Kansas with all this equipment, guns, ammo, and lets just say it wasn’t what I had signed up for.  But I was there looking forward to hunting a turkey, then we find a site where we are going to hunt so I get ready, and the guide tells us well you have to sit here I’ll cover you up with branches and then we wait for them.  Well that conversation took place at 5:00am, at about 8:30am he lets me know that we might have to move elsewhere, as soon as we get up, like 5 turkeys fly away from behind us, so we now have to hike some more and find another spot.  Needless to say I waited on them turkeys for 4 consecutive days , woke up each day at 4:00am and got back at 7:00pm, hiked well over 50 miles and shot my gun once and yep you guessed it, the only turkey I ate was from a sandwich at a convenience store that I picked up on my way to Phoenix but, NO TICKS….YAY.  LOL.  It was a great experience and I think that I might do it again, but not like every year. 

When I arrived in Phoenix, I was very excited and anticipating my big 30th birthday party that we had planned out at PussyCat Lounge in Scottsdale, AZ.  We had Danny Masterson(aka Hyde from That 70’s Show) and Steve Aoki as guest DJ’s.  And all weekend long it was just building up to that.  Reason for having it in Phoenix was that was the dates in which WorldVentures was having an Acceleration Training there, which on its own was a major event, we had well over 1200 people on the first night where they had to do 2 meetings on that same night.  Truely unbelieveable but when you’re hott, you’re hott and right now WorldVentures is HOTT!!!  So as Sunday night approached, we had themed it out with it being a White Party….so we got everyone ready and had 6 white limos waiting on us to take everyone to the party.  I obviously had the VIP Limo in the front, with Robert Oblon, Marc and Kelly Accetta, Dave and Yvette Ulloa and Jefferson Santos, Kari and Lisha (Twins), Eddie Head and our video guy Ben Hogan oh yeah and my first bday gift of a Jose Cuervo Tequilla bottle, so we had to toast to a great night.  As we arrived at PussyCat Lounge there was already several people there waiting on us to get there and start partying….The night went on and it was a blast we had over 100 people in attendance, Shawn Marion from the Phoenix Suns who was also celebrating his BDay, came over and was like man what are you doing over here, you have all the girls….LOL, I told him that’s what you get for losing to the San Antonio Spurs…LOL!!! Which I am not a Spurs hater, I just wanted the Dallas Mavericks to do something other than pretend to play basketball towards the end.  But the night was a blast we had 9 VIP Tables and tons of my friends there, we were able to get it all on video so be looking for that very very soon.  A big major Thanks to Robert Oblon for setting everything up for that night, I literally didn’t have to do anything just show up and have a good time, which wasn’t that hard to do.  I also will be starting a new website called www.MyVIPNation.com, which will focus on what I love doing which is having fun all over the US, setting up people with VIP Concierge services all over the nation so be looking out for that.

From there I came back to Dallas for a brief stop on my way down to Del Rio, TX , for my sister Rocio’s high school graduation.  Which was cool to go down and see her graduate, I am very proud of her and hope her the best as she goes on to college and what not.  So that was cool going down and seeing my family and friends and hanging out with my family. 

So things have been very busy, traveling, working doing trainings with Marc Accetta and working on getting his new training website up and running.  It is awesome to be able to work with someone that helps you achieve balance in your life.  His main goal is on teaching and having people understand on how to achieve balance in all areas of your life spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial and social, which I don’t think I am lacking in that one. LOL, But I have really started focusing on my physical right now and got a personal trainer and have been watching what I eat and just looking down the road at being healthier overall.  Which is quite a change, especially with my schedule of being on the road and traveling sometimes exercise was the least of my worries but it’s just a matter of making time for it and prioritizing it.  So things are going great.  And I am looking forward to getting some more info here and getting my site launched…till next time…Keep on having fun and loving and living life!!!


“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Hello to all my friends out there on the web,

Just reflecting on how 2007 has truely been remarkable so far, as many of you know, I spend alot of time with my friend/mentor Marc Accetta and it truely has been interesting to see how so many things revolve around what he teaches and trains on and what I’ve seen him do day in and day out for the past 6 years of knowing him.  So far this year has been off to a spectacular start, things have been going awesome, business is growing by leaps and bounds, we have been very busy in putting together www.MarcAccetta.com and a new member area which will be filled with so much information, travel wise, I’ll be heading out to so many more fun locations but I feel very strongly that alot of what is happening in my life is dealt in direct correlation to, ” Laws of Attraction”. 

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”… Buddha.

The Movie The Secret…

Earlier this past year, the movie “The Secret” was released world wide online and on DVD.  When you watch The Secret, you are being introduced to the Law of Attraction.

The Secret is The Law of Attraction…

The Law of Attraction is law. Not just any law. The Law of Attraction is the single most powerful force in the universe.  In fact, one might say that it is the law of attraction that has created the visible universe as we know it!

Like Attracts Like (the law of attraction in action)…

The simplest definition of the law of attraction is that “like attracts like”, and gaining a better understanding of How the Law of Attraction Works is the first step in bringing abundance into your life.

The Law of Attraction is at Work at All Times…

The law of attraction is at work at all times.  Whether you realize it or not, right now you are attracting people, jobs, health, wealth and relationships into your life – and not all of them good!

As You Thinketh…

It has been said that “Thoughts are Things“, and that “What you Think about Expands!”

The truth is, you get what you think about whether it’s what you want or not… so pay attention, attention, attention. Pay attention to what you think about, because you might just manifest it (or more of it) into your life.

Like a Magnet, The Law of Attraction Pulls to You Exactly What You Think About

Yes, we are all magnets, and being magnets, that which we are focused on we attract to ourselves.

How The Law of Attraction Works…

When you are focused on what you want, you are attracting to yourself what you want.

When you are focused on what you do not want, you are attracting to yourself what you do not want.

As such powerful attractors (magnets), we can use this wonderful power (or law of attraction) to attract more of what we want in life, simply by paying attention to that which we think about… where we place our thoughts and desires.

Attention, Attention, Attention…

There is an old Zen proverb, “attention, attention, attention”… and it makes sense that the single most important thing to be paying attention, attention, attention to… is your thoughts!

Read the opening quote to this post just one more time… “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”Buddha.

Then deliberately use The Law of Attraction to create the future you really, really want.  Have fun with it, and use the law of attraction daily to manifest your every desire.

“You want to choose your thoughts carefully and you want to have fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life. You are the Michelangelo of your own life, the David that you are sculpting is you… and you do it with your thoughts”…Joe Vitale in The Secret.

How do you Reach your Goals and Dreams using the The Law of Attraction?

Well, for starters you do and practice the following.

Manifesting Abundance in Every Area of Your Life:

1) Be Clear in Your Desires…
Know what You Really, Really, Really Want!

Focus and stay focused on what you desire, what you really, really want. Get a full scap pad and write down your thoughts, dreams, desires and visions in great detail. Stay in an emotion of positive energy and feeling.

  • Experience as closely as you possibly can, exactly how you would feel having already recieved that which you desire!
  • Recreate this powerfully positive and creative emotional state when you dream, meditate upone or simply contemplate your goals and intented outcomes.

Remember, there are forces at work that don’t need to be explained.

Simply understand that the law of attraction works, and that when you put positive energy into your dreams, desires, goals and intentions… you are sending positive vibrations to the Universe… and the Universe always responds in kind.

“Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want. Make it absolute clear in our minds what we want and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws of the universe and that’s the Law of Attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most”…Joe Assaraf from The Secret.

2) Visualize Your Desires, Intentions, Dreams and Goals… and Hold that Vision!

It is your emotion that raises your vibration to the Universe and attracts back to you that which you desire!

That’s right. You can know what you want and still not get it if you don’t visualize your desires and goals, and feel and experience the feelings of excitement you would associate with your living your ultimate dream or intended purpose.

“You can begin right now to feel healthy. You can begin to feel prosperous. You can begin to feel the love that’s surrounding you, even if its not there… and what will happen is the universe will correspond to the nature of your song… The universe will correspond to the nature of that inner feeling and manifest because that’s the way you feel”…Michael Beckwith from The Secret.

You’re getting exactly what you’re feeling about, not so much what you’re thinking about”… Bob Doyle from The Secret.

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works. It works every time, with every person”… Bob Proctor from the movie, The Secret!

3) Allow Yourself to Receive…

Let the Universe figure out how your dreams will be fulfilled and your goals achieved.  Act like you already have it what you really want… Have faith… Be grateful… and all you have to do is expect it.

EXPECT EXCELLENCEBecause those that truly expect the very best life has to offer, are those individuals that eventually succeed in every area of their lives… spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and financial!

Always Expect the Very Best Life has to Offer You!

That is all there is to The Law of Attraction and The Secret!

“The hows are the domain of the universe. It always knows the shortest, quickest, fastest, most harmonious way between you and your dream”… Mike Dooley from The Secret.

“And the universe will start to rearrange itself to make it happen for you… If you turn it over to the universe you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered to you. This is where magic and miracles happen”… Joe Vitale.

4) Take Inspired Action…

Do it. Taking action is an important and necessary step to manifesting abundance in any area of your life.

For many of us, this is the most challenging part of the process of using the law of attraction to attract abuncance into our lives!

Any time you have an “instinctive feeling” to do something… take ACTION!

“Life can be absolutely phenomenal, and it should be, and it will be, when you start using the secret”… Bob Proctor.

“The universe likes speed. Don’t delay, don’t second-guess, don’t doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. That’s your job, and that’s all you have to do”…Joe Vitale.

There you have it, the Law of Attraction in all its Infinite Glory…


EXPECT EXCELLENCE – Because those that truly expect the very best life has to offer, are those individuals that eventually succeed in every area of their lives… spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and financial!

Always expect the Very Best Life has to Offer You!

Let the Universe figure out how your dreams will be fulfilled and your goals achieved.  Act like you already have it what you really want… Have faith… Be grateful… and all you have to do is expect it.

Happy New Year 2007!!!

Wishing You Health, Wealth and a Wonderful New Year…

May 2007, be the healthiest, wealthiest, most rewarding year yet, and each and every subsequent year simply get better, better and better!

Looking back at everything that occurred in 2006 I can strongly state that it was one of the best years of my life. Everything just seemed to fall into place from business, personal life, my personal relationships with old friends and all of the new friends that I made, my relationship with God everything was balanced.  I owe this mainly to my boss, best friend and mentor Marc Accetta, I have the great opportunity of hanging out with Marc on a daily basis day in and day out and I am able to see how he uses the techniques that he teaches in everyday situations that allows him to be one of the most successful Personal Success Coaches in the industry of Self-Help and Life Development.  One thing that alot of people do as the time goes by is take on a “why does that happen to me” type of attitude when something wrong occurs in their lives rather than seeing that what occurred is a direct impact of their actions.  I have had several friends that this year instead of getting all hyped up with their resolutions to make more money, or lose more weight or change something in their lives that they weren’t excited about, instead are looking at their actions in 2006 and changing what they’re doing in 2007.  As my mentor states, In order for things to change, You have to change and in order for things to get better, you have to get better.  And that goes for anything, whether its finances, physical, mental, social, spiritual or emotional aspects of someones life.  As I close the chapter of my life on 2006, I wish to all of my friends and family the very best in business and life and hope that all of your most amazing desires be reached in 2007 and that you are able to state that 2007 was your best year ever!

Sincerely your friend,

Monico R. Perez

www.MarcAccetta.com – Total Success Coaching