About Me

“Work Hard, Play Hard” is a simple way of explaining the way I live my life.

I’ve created this blog in order to educate, motivate and inspire those who perhaps have never considered creating a blog or have had the thought, “What would I Blog About?” Well that’s what I thought as well, and then I started writing a short paragraph and then another and another and so on, until now that I have people that are following my blog and I am able to give them information that has helped me out in my life and it is helping them out as well.  No matter what your interests, likes or dislikes are, there is someone out there on the massive unlimited internet community that would be interested in reading your blog.
I am currently still learning the power behind blogging, I am not by any means any sort of expert or guru, if you are looking for that there are many other friends of mine that I can point you in their direction.   Make sure you subscribe to my blog and also allow me to subscribe to yours so that we can share information.

Now I don’t spend all my time blogging but for the past 6 years, I have worked with Marc Accetta, (www.MarcAccetta.com) Total Success Coach in the Personal Growth Industry and have loved every second of it.  Through him I have learned how to communicate effectively with people, overcome obstacles, achieve several of my goals and create new ones, as well as create a high standard of living for myself.  Now high standard of living doesn’t mean living, “The Life of the Rich & Famous”, although that would be nice, but going beyond that and demanding a high  standard of life for yourself in every area of my life.  Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Mental and Financial. I am on a mission of sharing all of the information that he has shared with me and thousands of others throughout the world that have helped me achieve success and hope that you can apply them somehow to your own life and add additional success to your lives.

I have often been referred to as the “Outgoing guy” or the “Wild, Fun, Party Guy”, but the truth is that I love my life and love hanging around my friends.  I have so much fun traveling the world, meeting new people and trying new stuff.  I have an amazing girlfriend that we’ve shared close to 3 years of our lives together and she too is also venturing out with her own business check out her site…www.MyBabyDiaperWreaths.com.

I love traveling, eating new cuisines and of course having fun.  I also am a professional drummer that has played for a couple of different bands in the Latin Music Industry a couple of years back as well as playing different types of music, but am now totally focused on building a dynasty for years to come, and doing what most people won’t do in order to live like most people can’t.

Make sure you visit my website at www.MonicoPerez.com as well as connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.  All I am here for is to point people in the direction where they can get the most out of life. Have a blessed day!



The Original Bus Tour

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Monico,

    I’m wondering if you can give me the singer and the title of the songs you played with the view video. I need the first song and also the country singer for the song: I’m on my way. If you can email mne back with these two songs, I would greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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