Imagine-A Tribute to John Lennon by Marc Accetta

John Lennon bronze sculpture with his current ...
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On December 8, 1980, John Lennon was murdered outside of his New York apartment building by a deranged fan. Three days before John Lennon was killed, Jonathan Cott spent hours interviewing him for a planned cover story. The complete Q&A, which is running in the new issue of Rolling Stone — available on stands, as well as in the online archives — has never been published before now.

Rolling Stones


On this link you can find our web-exclusive companion coverage to the piece — everything from audio clips from the interview to a gallery of Lennon and Ono’s years in New York.


New York City

Candles, notes, flowers and other tokens are placed on the John Lennon memorial in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields, New York City, December 8, 2010.


View this video link below of Marc Accetta’s thoughts on one of the most influential and loved musicians in the world.

Marc Accetta – The Power of One Show – Podcasts.