Less than 45 days away…..

Yep in less than 45 days we’ll be once again at our biggest training event of the year, A View from the EdgeMarc Accetta has taken this training to an entirely new level since I first started working with him on this event.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that he’d be flying through the air or we’d be blowing stuff up, bringing in live animals, making it snow on stage, fire, pyrotechnics and so many other great effects throughout the show.  This year we’ll be moving our show to Allen, TX.  Which is the perfect spot in my opinion not only for the show but also for the attendees in WorldVentures.  This new area in Allen is up and coming and is already considered one of the great spots for nightlife, food and entertainment throughout Collin County.  So it’s a perfect match for our yearly event.

The site we’ll be having our event will be at the Allen Event Center, which hosts a vast mixture of all kinds of entertainment from ice hockey games, concerts, gymnastics and now A View from the Edge.

We are already steadily planning for this years event in order to step it up a notch and make it bigger and better than last years event.   Check out some clips from last years, A View from the Edge.

There were so many great characters last year and believe it or not we’ve gotten request to do some of the characters but we still haven’t finalized our list yet.


3 Day MBA for a weekend of education and entertainment!

We’ve just kicked off an amazing weekend in Las Vegas, NV with one of my good friends Gabe Shirey.  I met Gabe about 4 years ago at one of the week long training programs that Marc Accetta does called, Journey Beyond the Edge.  Gabe was an attendee at this seminar looking for an opportunity to just recreate himself and build a successful life.  Ever since then we’ve stayed friends and communicate via email, or online and here and there in person.  Recently I ran into Gabe in Los Angeles, CA at a Networking Seminar and WOW, has he recreated himself in a huge way.  For any of you that have attended Journey in the past, and know about the goal section.  Gabe still to this day has his very first goal cards that he created 4 years ago at Journey and carries them around with him and swears that he owes a lot of his recreation and success to Marc Accetta and that goal setting section during Journey.  It’s so awesome to see someone that has gone through one of Marc’s seminars and has been able to apply the skills and tools that Marc teaches and uses them to create massive success in their lives and now Gabe will turn around and give that back and create success in other lives out there.

Here’s a brief summary of Gabe’s company and what they are doing.  Make sure you stay in the loop and remember Gabe Shirey’s name he’s definitely on up and coming super star that has great things happening in life and business.

Connect with the 3 Day MBA for a weekend of
education and entertainment that will drive
results, accelerate your business and design
and guarantee your financial future.

The Business Development Division has structured, developed and consulted with more than 10,000 business leaders and entities. This exclusive 3-Day MBA program is the culmination of the most successful strategies and lessons taught to the wealthy. It is designed to empower you with the cutting-edge systems, skills, and strategies you need for creating an invincible advantage, especially during uncertain and changing times. In this groundbreaking 3-day program, you will work along side marketers from the #1 spot on the INC 500, CEO’s that have graced covers of business magazines, authors, $100 Million a year company CEO’s and other leading business experts to mold, distill and employ the best business practices that create long-term success for you and your business.

WorldVenture Songs to Download…FREE!

Hello Everyone,

I have gotten several request about the latest WorldVentures song that CoFounder of WorldVentures, Wayne Nugent debuted at our 2010 Journey to Leadership event with Marc Accetta.

Since Wayne, has sometimes referred to me as the Ambassador of Fun for WorldVentures, I wanted to share this fun song with everyone….enjoy….Download it! Share It! Comment and check out some of the other articles that I have on here!


Download WorldVentures Latest Song, “Living Good” Below!

Living Good

Download WorldVentures Original Song, “On My Way” Below!

On My Way

I hope you enjoy the songs, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know where you’re from! Also subscribe to my blog to get great content from my Mentor and Director of Training for WorldVentures,  Marc Accetta aka www.DallasSuccessCoach.com

What kind of MUSIC are you listening to…

Everyone that knows me and I like all kind of music.  Being a drummer I always try to listen to all kinds of music just to stay on top of what’s going on in the world. My buddy, Marc Accetta recently sent out this video to all his newsletter subscribers and it got such a great turnout and feedback from it.  So I asked him if it was ok to share it with all my friends and here it is.  I just thought it was kinda funny.  Anyways enjoy this video and if you want to check out more videos from Marc visit his site at www.DallasSuccessCoach.com and sign up to be in his newsletter.

What Songs are Moving You! from Monico Perez on Vimeo.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble….

Well time to scratch off another goal off my lifetime list of goals.  A couple of weekends ago I was able to enjoy a great time with my parents but more importantly with my Dad.  I was able to take him to a professional boxing match, where Manny Pacquiao defeated Joshua Clottey here in Dallas, TX.

Joshua Clottey of Ghana (L) exchanges blows with Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines (R) during their World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title fight at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, on March 13. Filipino superstar Pacquiao easily defeated Clottey by unanimous 12-round decision to retain his WBO welterweight title.

Ever since I could remember when I was young anytime that it would be a weekend and my dad would have over his friends to watch boxing matches, whether it’d be a big name fight for someone like Sugar Ray Leonard or even someone who was just up and coming.  I recall boxing always being a sport that my dad and his friends would be so intrigued and just followed very closely.  So much that even as elementary age I recall my dad and his best friend getting together and his friend having bought some boxing gloves.  At first I was like oh this will be cool, I’ll get to see my dad do what he loves doing and just kinda mock fight his best friends just how the guys on TV doing it.  Well much to my surprise the 2 sets of gloves were not for them at all, they were actually for me and his friend’s son and they wanted us to go after it.  At first I was like any kid not wanting to do what his dad was telling him to do, of course it was fun to watch boxing on tv on friday and saturday nights but now that they wanted me to throw some jabs that’s a whole different story.  But oh well, I figured it’s not like this guy is going to kick my ass in front of my Dad.  So we tied on our gloves and we were off, did I mention that my dad’s friends’ son was older than me and was already in junior high.  Yeah so we messed around and he threw some punches and I threw some punches but well neither one of us were fighters or knew what we were doing so that ended very quickly with no one getting hurt or should I rephrase that by saying, “With me not getting hurt”.

Monico Perez & Raymundo Perez

So boxing was something that was a shared interest between my father and I, we watched all of the big fights. We would follow different fighters and see who they would be fighting next and their stats.  There was always my favorite as a child Pipino Cuevas, something about him being a slugger type of fighter that I enjoyed not to mention that he had a funny first name.  Then there was  Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Tommie Hearns, I remember watching this fight over and over and over since my dad and his friend had recorded it when it was first played on PPV.  But it was and I think still is a great boxing fight for everyone to watch.  Then there was Marvin Hagler, Hector “Macho” Camacho, Evander Holyfield, Oscar De La Hoya, Mike Tyson, which I had an opportunity to meet in person in Phoenix but that’s another story.  eventually in the later years came the rising of one of the best boxers I’ve seen and hope to one day meet, Julio Cesar Chavez.  So boxing was definitely something that was admired and sought after by my father.  We would watch all of the Rocky movies together and even to this day anytime that Rocky is shown on TV it reminds me of listening to, Eye of the Tiger and getting up and start boxing with my dad as he would put his hands up and we’d pretend like he was my trainer and I would be throwing punches and moving around.

So for me to be able to personally take him to a major boxing event was such a proud moment in my life.  I had always set certain goals for myself and that was definitely one of them.  To see him walk into the very impressive Dallas Cowboys Stadium and just see the lights, the ring, the cameras.  Hear Michael Buffer say those magic words that are now trademarked by him and has earned him an excess of over 400 million in licensing alone, “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”.  It was all just very exciting and fun to watch my dad experience that.  But then to hear as Manny Pacquiao came out to the ring to that famous song, Eye of the Tiger was just such an amazing experience.  I doubt that my dad knew that it meant so much to me, to share that experience with him.  But I sure am glad that I did and I hope that everyone gets to fulfill all of their craziest goals in life.  I have learned from surrounding myself with successful people,  that life is very short and we can’t freeze it or slow it down or even stop it at times when we wish we could.  One of the strongest influences I have had in my life is Marc Accetta, when I first started working with Marc I thought we would have a traditional working relationship.  That was far from being true, I have learned to enjoy life and not take it for granted mainly from Marc, together we have done many things that never in my life I could’ve imagined of ever doing.  For that main reason I am a strong believer in creating memories with loved ones that just make all the struggles and sacrifices and all of the endless amounts of hours put behind work, worthwhile.  I hope that you are able to experience the joys that there are in life, for as small or as big as they might be.

The Power of One Podcast in 2010 by Marc Accetta

This year personal success coach and mentor , Marc Accetta will be hosting a Podcast show called, The Power of One. Marc came up with the concept for the show a few months ago when he came across a song of the same name, by Israel Houghton, at our local church led by Mike and Kathy Hayes, Covenant Church. “I have studied human nature and the science of success for over twenty years and realize that most of the greatest innovations we have ever enjoyed came from the imagination of one person”, states Marc.  While it ultimately takes teamwork to make the dream truly work, most great teams are lead by a dynamic individual who has a vision.

Our show will highlight amazing leaders from virtually every walk of life that have changed the world in which they lived by their contributions. While the people featured will all have in common the fact that they are ultra high achievers, they will also amaze you with the fact that they have come from such diverse backgrounds. Then again, while their differences will be vast, the similarities that created their successes and greatness will be nearly identical.

The formula for success is really the same no matter what you are attempting to do. As the series unfolds, you will definitely find this to be true. The power of what one idea can do is amazing. The power of what one dream can do is amazing. The power of what one person can do is amazing.  We cannot wait to get started bringing these amazing stories to all of you. Some of the people will be very famous and others will not, but they will all be inspiring.

Marc says, “Years ago I needed to be inspired, I still need it. Much of my inspiration, then and now, comes from true stories of average people who had a dream, and who had the guts to make those dreams come true. I will share the stories that have inspired me. I think it will surprise you that many of histories greatest heroes were at one time broke and unsure of themselves. Some of them were depressed and considered themselves failures. The point is that there are thousands of more stories out there and I would love to help inspire one or two of them.”

If you believe in your dreams and are brave enough to follow through on them, the possibilities are endless. Tune into our show and share it with all of your friends. 2010 is the beginning of a new decade; a decade that will bring many quantum leaps in our society. Someone will be responsible for those leaps. Join our show and either hear about them or become inspired to create one of them. In 2010 come to understand the true power of one!

Happy New Year from Monico Perez – 2010

As there are only a couple of hours left in this great year of 2009, I feel very blessed to have shared so many great memories with so many wonderful people.  I have God to thank for so many blessings and insights that he has shown me along this past year.  We should all remember that all of the troubles and mistakes that we might of experienced during our life should be not just shrugged off as being a bad year or have a unlucky year.  So many people look at the year that they have just left behind and say, “Well 2009 just wasn’t my year!”  Don’t be one of those individuals, learn from the mistakes and struggles you came across in this past year and make sure that you do not repeat them in 2010.  My wish is for everyone to share a Happy and Safe New Year with your loved ones, with those people that share a special part in your heart and those that build you up and make you feel stronger, superior and just in a positive frame of mind.  I’ll be sharing my New Year’s Festivities in the great city of Austin, TX  home of the 2010 Rose Bowl Bound Texas Longhorns.  I’ll be sharing this great night with my amazing girlfriend, Melinda Soto, some of my buddies from Austin, brother and cousin.   I wish everyone the best out of 2010 and cannot wait to see what memories we create out there….What are some goals you are looking at tackling in 2010?

Pheasant Phun Hunting Trip in South Dakota for 2009

Brand New Marc Accetta Newsletter

Just wanted to write a quick invitation to kick off the weekend.  As many of you know and have seen, we have launched a brand new site for Marc Accetta, www.MarcAccetta.com which includes an amazing easier to use layout, not to mention all free content.  Alot of sites out there give you a little bit of teasers here and there but then expect you pay for the rest of the information.  Not at our site, Marc is giving you everything including Video blogs and written blogs for free.  You have your own site where you can get amazing Personal growth and development training at your fingertips.  Whether you are new to the personal growth arena or you are a experienced veteran, MarcAccetta.com is a site that is easy to navigate through and accessible for people of all ages. 

We have just launched our brand new Marc Accetta Newletter which has already gotten amazing positive feedback from it’s subscribers….here is a brief description of our Newsletter.

“All of our newsletters are written exclusively by Marc. While many other success coaches see their newsletters as an afterthought, often delegating it to their subordinates, Marc uses some of his very best teaching content in his newsletters. Although becoming to be a member of the site is free, the fact that people have to register for it proves to him that this is a more serious group. Knowing that, he gives you key information that is not released on the website, or in some cases he previews exciting new information for you before everyone else receives it on the site. In addition, you will receive special discounts on select live training events.

The newsletter will include exclusive audio (MP3) files, video teaching modules, and written blogs, as well as photos and many other surprises. Marc wants to keep his core members constantly fed with valuable information. As Zig Zigler says, motivation does not last, so like bathing, it is something that is recommended daily. Marc will use his unequaled creativity to give you a constant flow of new and exciting information that will motivate, educate and entertain you on a regular basis.”

Do not delay, follow this link and register yourself, a friend, family member to recieve the best of what the personal growth arena has to offer.  Do yourself a favor and click on the link below and begin creating the life you deserve!


There is still time in 2009 to overcome those obstacles!

What fears do you face on a dailly basis?  What anxiety seems to come back over and over in your life?  Don’t you think it’s time to take a step towards that fear, towards that anxiety and face it straight on.  Here in this video Marc Accetta, Personal Success Coach, speaks to those people that are just surviving those people that at the beginning of 2009 were thinking it would be the worst economic time of their life.  For most individuals things didn’t get as bad as they thought but they simply settled for what life was offering them, they weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary and they weren’t getting anything out of the ordinary.  There’s still time left in 2009 to make it the best year of your life!  Don’t sit back and settle and watch others make 2009 their best year ever…step up and create a dynasty from your life.

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