My Favorite Spotify Music Playlist

Just wrapped up helping out a friend of mine over the weekend with his event and I had a number of people come up and ask where they could get my playlist of songs that I use at events.  Where here it is…I personally use Spotify, it’s a great music service that can be used both with a free membership & paid membership if you want to create your own playlists.  However with the free playlists you’ll be able to see any and all of the playlists that are created by users such as myself.

  1. Download Spotify to your Apple or Android device.
  2. Search “monicoperez”
  3. Click Follow & there you have it….

Here is my most requested playlist…make sure to follow me on Spotify for more playlist.



It’s time you get out…

I remember when we used to have gigs, it would always be exciting to be sitting behind the drums right before that first song and we just started doing a 45 minute set and just jam out.  Heck I still get excited whenever I travel to different cities and there’s live bands playing and I happen to get a wild hair and jump up on stage with them.  Just that bit of adrenaline that pumps through you is an awesome feeling.  However when I go to a concert as a fan it’s just as fun and great.  I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the worlds best musicians and bands out there and I still have many more on my bucket list.  I came across this article and it just made sense and I figured I would share it with all my friends that read my blog.

People go to music concerts for many reasons. Some people watch concerts to support their favorite music idols, others go to concerts to have fun with friends, while others watch concerts to enjoy music.
Here’s Melinda and I at our first KISS concert it was a blast, but we’ve been lucky enough to watch U2 in OKC, Bruce Springsteen out in Philly, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Pat Green and several others.
But for whatever reason it is, many studies show that going to concerts is actually good for your health.

Here are some reasons why:

1. The feeling of excitement that a concert brings causes a sudden rush of adrenalin that is good for the heart.
2. This activity will also allow one to burn calories which can be a good form of physical exercise for the day.
3. Live music gives an uplifting feeling that is good for physical and emotional well being.
4. Live concerts allow one to perspire which leads to faster metabolism.
5. Going to concerts is a healthy alternative to spending an evening at home watching television.
6. Watching your favorite music icon, live, can bring a sense of confidence that can boost your overall well being.
7. Live concerts are social gatherings that can promote positive energy resulting to overall good health and great physical outlook.
8. Listening to live music can enhance your senses, resulting to more alert and active physical condition.
9. Being within a live concert promotes confidence that can lead to a healthier approach in life.
10. Live music can bring about a healthy balance that is good for the body and mind.

Does this information surprise you?  How often do you go to live concerts?

I usually try to go to a live music concert at least 2 or 3 times a year, not only do I love the live music side of things being a musician and all, but also the excitement during the show is awesome.  I am pretty lucky to have my cousin which is Co-Partner of, I know what you’re thinking…”Is he really plugging his cousins company right now?” LOL..yep I sure am…and don’t worry I am not getting any sort of benefits from it, no free tickets, no preference on upcoming shows or anything.  She’s just been very helpful whenever I want to go to concerts and I like using her company for concerts.  I think what I like most is that for someone with my personality where I sometimes don’t plan on going to a concert until the last minute, they’re able to accomodate me.  I’ve literally heard that Tim McGraw is going to be in town at 5pm and I know my girlfriend loves him so as a surprise to her, I texted one of the reps that work at while we were finishing dinner, we then went home I told her to get ready because I was surprising her with tickets to the concert and I printed out the tickets which were awesome seats and the concert started at 7:30pm.  That’s pretty DAMN good last minute service if you ask me…No Scalpers, No Waiting in Line, No bidding wars online!

So if you are looking for tickets check out her site let them know I sent ya and YOU’LL actually get a discount.  But even if you don’t visit her site get out and go to a concert! Have Fun! Enjoy LIFE!

WorldVenture Songs to Download…FREE!

Hello Everyone,

I have gotten several request about the latest WorldVentures song that CoFounder of WorldVentures, Wayne Nugent debuted at our 2010 Journey to Leadership event with Marc Accetta.

Since Wayne, has sometimes referred to me as the Ambassador of Fun for WorldVentures, I wanted to share this fun song with everyone….enjoy….Download it! Share It! Comment and check out some of the other articles that I have on here!


Download WorldVentures Latest Song, “Living Good” Below!

Living Good

Download WorldVentures Original Song, “On My Way” Below!

On My Way

I hope you enjoy the songs, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know where you’re from! Also subscribe to my blog to get great content from my Mentor and Director of Training for WorldVentures,  Marc Accetta aka

What kind of MUSIC are you listening to…

Everyone that knows me and I like all kind of music.  Being a drummer I always try to listen to all kinds of music just to stay on top of what’s going on in the world. My buddy, Marc Accetta recently sent out this video to all his newsletter subscribers and it got such a great turnout and feedback from it.  So I asked him if it was ok to share it with all my friends and here it is.  I just thought it was kinda funny.  Anyways enjoy this video and if you want to check out more videos from Marc visit his site at and sign up to be in his newsletter.

What Songs are Moving You! from Monico Perez on Vimeo.

Here’s to a great year of music in 2009!

With 2009 rapidly approaching to an end, there has been there share of crappy music out there on the airwaves and in the clubs and there has also been alot of great songs that gave people hope, maybe not in the lyrics themselves but at least that there are still come good beats out there.  I came across a very talented mashup artist, DJ Earworm ( that summed up 2009 to a tee with his mashup video titled, “United State of Pop 2009”.  Here’s a look at his video…hope your song made the cut…if not…What was your favorite song of 2009?

Just giving you some insight on The Texas Tornados!

Texas Tornados was a Tejano band and its music was a fusion of rock, country and various Mexican styles. The initial combination of these musicians happened almost by chance at a concert performance of a mutual acquaintance. After Freddy Fender, Flaco Jiménez, Kevin West, Augie Meyers, Jorge “Pac-MAN” Diaz, and Doug Sahm performed in front of a San Francisco audience, they all knew the genuine bond they felt in their music could probably be taken to another level. After they initially performed as the Tex-Mex Revue, they took the title Texas Tornados, after Sahm’s song and album of that name.

Another account of the group’s birth says they formed when record company executives looking to cash in on regional music sales approached Sahm and Meyers around 1990, and they brought in longtime friends and collaborators Fender and Jiménez. Sahm had released albums under the name Texas Tornados as early as the 1970s, some featuring Fender or Meyers. Jiménez and Meyers played on Sahm’s Atlantic Records debut in 1971. As Fender once said “You’ve heard of New Kids on the Block?, we’re the Old Guys in the Street”.

Individually, this quartet has had major success. San Benito-native Freddy Fender was a cross-over success story around the world with hits like “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” and “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights“.

Flaco Jiménez has played with acts ranging from the Rolling Stones to Dwight Yoakam. He also is known as the “Father of Conjunto Music” (Flaco plays the Conjunto accordion).

Augie Meyers has shared the stage with the likes of The Allman Brothers Band and Bob Dylan. He’s also a member of the Texas Music Hall of Fame. Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers were both members of the 1960s pop-rock band the Sir Douglas Quintet, with hits such as “She’s About a Mover” and “Mendocino” to their credit. Sahm, Meyers and Jiménez are from the San Antonio area.

The band’s 1990 debut was recorded in both English and Spanish versions. The Texas Tornados were asked to perform all over the world at places like the Presidential Inauguration of Bill Clinton, the Montreaux Jazz Festival, as well as regular appearances at Farm Aid and the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show.

Among their other albums is Live From The Limo, this was the last album to be recorded that featured the complete lineup, as Sahm died in 1999, the year of its release. Fender, who had health problems in later years, died in 2006. Their 2005 Live from Austin album was a recording of a 1990 performance on the TV series Austin City Limits.

People sometimes refer to their lyrics as Spanglish because of the mixture of English and Spanish in the same song, in addition to pronouncing the Spanish lyrics in an American accent, which is evident in their hit, “(Hey Baby) Que Paso”. An example is the lyric: “Don’t you know I love you / and my corazón is real?“, where the word corazón (Spanish for “heart”) is improperly pronounced /ˌkɔrəˈsoʊn/, with an obvious American accent, instead of [koɾaˈson]. The band’s self-titled debut album was offered in Spanish and English-language versions.

The dust has finally settled a bit…

Are you ready for an event that you cannot explain…We just completed A View from the Edge for WorldVentures. Combining theatrics & special effects, with educational concepts, with personal growth and development lessons toss in some amazing lighting and energetic music and you get one of them most amazing events you’ll ever experience. With close to 3,000 people in attendance we kicked off things with a high exciting note on Friday night, with all of the attendees arriving in their limos, walking down the red carpet as the excitement and anticipation filled the arena. Once the show hit the road with our first video opener…it was no looking back from that point on. The owners came out and announced WorldVentures Top 20 Income Earners and Marc Accetta came out and gave a intense, up in your face message that just gave everyone an idea of what they could expect for the weekend. And the rest of the weekend was just that amazing lesson after amazing lesson. Marc Accetta brings forth to the industry what no one else can do, his unique method of delivering the information that he uses and shares with people has helped him to be one of the most sought out after speakers in the Personal Growth arena.

We really spent a countless amount of hours preparing for this year, with various presentations, new characters and also various special effects that we hadn’t used in the past, we really had to have our game faces on the entire weekend. After the first night of the event, you could just tell that the excitement had filled the room, people’s faces would light up and you could see the level of appreciation they had for being there and having their fellow teammates there. The Corporate Team of Mike Azcue, Wayne Nugent, Robert Oblon, Mike Conway & Dan Stammen also came forth with some exciting announcements throughout the weekend including some brand new compensation plan upgrades, a new state of the art back office and a unbelievable donation to Big Brother Big Sister of North Texas.
Now one thing that I get asked over and over again, is how do we choose the music that we play, and it is definitely time consuming going thru tons of songs to find the right one to use at a specific moment. Of course the main theme of the entire weekend is, “Life Will Never Be The Same”, which is also the chorus of “Life”, by Haddaway. Another great song that we used in one of our videos was, “Love Can Move Mountains”, by Celine Dion. There are also several other songs that I’ve previously listed that we’ve used, Don’t Stop Believing, Magic, Crazy by Seal, Son of Man and many others that deliver great messages and in fact I had listed some of them in one of my previous posts from Journey. But as far as the dance songs that I used for the event, one of the songs I used over and over because of the energy and hype was Bob Sinclair’s, “Rock This Party” which is a great song to use for any event, others I used were Cupid Shuffle, Fantasy, Peter Gunn Theme Song, Usher’s famous Yeah, Don’t Stop till you get enough, Get This Party Started, Soak up the Sun, Perfect Day, I need to know. I mean there’s just so many songs that I could stay here all day just listing songs but it is truly the fun part of my job when I can play a song and everyone gets into it and they are excited and just having a blast.

I hope everyone enjoys these couple of videos from the View and we hope to see you next year…


Songs We Use

Hello All….I have always been asked how do you choose all the music that you play at seminars or at conventions and I must say that I cannot take any credit for song selection at all. My buddy, Marc Accetta has one of the most amazing ears for lyrics that I have ever encountered. I have been in the music industry for a number of years, played professionally, recorded did the whole tour thing and met some amazing musicians from all genres of music, but never had I encountered someone that knew the lyrics of a song and their meaning and their message as Marc did. I am a drummer so for me beats get me moving and beats is all it takes…

Here are just some of the songs that we’ve used at seminars, Please feel free to comment back with any other songs that we’ve left off as we have obviously because there are just unlimited amounts of music out there, that have amazing messages.

  • End of Innoncence            Don Henley
  • Don’t Cry                Seal
  • That’s The Way It Is            Celine Dion
  • I’ve Been This Way Before        Neil Diamond
  • Life of Illusion                Joe Walsh
  • No Such Thing                John Mayer
  • Live To Tell                Madonna
  • New York Minute            Don Henley
  • Minor Variation            Billy Joel
  • Loose Ends                Dan Fogelberg
  • Almost A Whisper            Yanni
  • Barely Breathing            Duncan Sheik
  • Love Will Save The Day        Deseree
  • I Don’t Wanna Be            Gavin DeGraw
  • Living On the Edge            Aerosmith
  • Empty Cages                Dan Fogelberg
  • The Rain Must Fall            Yanni
  • A Word In Private            Yanni
  • Tullemore Dew            Dan Fogelberg
  • Phoenix                Dan Fogelberg
  • Black Eyes Blue Tears            Shania Twain
  • The Reason                Hoobstank
  • SummerHighland Falls        Billy Joel
  • Heart of the Matter            Don Henley
  • Bring Back The Magic        Jimmy Buffet
  • I Can See Clearly            Johnny Mathis
  • I Believe In You            Amanda Marshall
  • Forever Young                Rod Stewart
  • Because You Loved Me        Celine Dion
  • You’ll Be In My Heart            Phil Collins
  • You’ve Got a Friend            James Taylor
  • That’s What Friends Are For        Dionne Warwick
  • Believe                Stephanie Crews
  • I Believe I Can Fly            R. Kelly
  • Larger Than Life            Bon Jovi
  • Rainmaker                Matchbox 20
  • This is Your Life            Switchfoot
  • Conviction of the Heart        Kenny Loggins
  • Something To Believe In        Poison
  • Oh People                Patti LaBelle
  • Love Is The Answer            England Dan & John Ford Colley
  • Lonely Boy
  • Anyway You Want It            Journey
  • Whole Hearted
  • You Get What You Give        New Radicals
  • Pressure                Billy Joel
  • Bring It On                Seal
  • Gonna Fly Now            Rocky Soundtrack
  • Welcome To The Jungle        Guns N Roses
  • Running On Ice            Billy Joel
  • Workin For A Living            Huey Lewis & The News
  • Ironic                    Alanis Morrisette
  • Raindrop’s Keep Falling        BJ Thomas
  • I’m Going Down            Bruce Springsteen
  • Take This Job And Shove It        Hank Williams Jr.
  • I Go To Extremes            Billy Joel
  • There’s Got To Be A Way        Mariah Carey
  • Bring Back The Magic        Jimmy Buffet
  • Love is a Wonderful Thing        Michael Bolton
  • Sleeping With The Television
  • Lonsome Loser
  • Walking On Sunshine            
  • Complicated
  • Holy Road
  • I Want Your Sex            George Michael
  • My Heart Will Go On            Celine Dion
  • What’s Love Got to do        Tina Turner
  • Take It To The Limit
  • Don’t Stop Believing            Journey
  • Everybody Has A Dream
  • Right Now                Van Halen
  • Soak Up the Sun
  • Running Down A Dream        Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
  • Hurts So Good
  • Barely Breathing
  • In The Morning Light Yanni
  • Every Picture Tells A Story         Rod Stewart
  • Urgent                    Foreigner
  • Desire
  • Mind Games                John Lennon
  • The Sad Café                The Eagles
  • The Reach                 Dan Fogelberg
  • Man In The Mirror            Michael Jackson
  • Man In The Mirror            Dan Fogelberg
  • Below The Surface            Dan Fogelberg
  • Story of my Life            Neil Diamond
  • Patience                Dreamgirls Soundtrack
  • Part of the Plan            Dan Fogelberg
  • After The Sunrise            Yanni
  • Lean On Me                Club Noveu
  • Two of Us                The Beatles
  • Be Good To yourself            Journey
  • Fly Like An Eagle            Neville Brothers
  • Whole Hearted            Extreme
  • Kryptonite                Three Doors Down
  • Sunset Grille                Don Henley
  • Good Vibrations            Marky Mark
  • Good Vibrations            The Beach Boys
  • Love of Money            Pink Floyd
  • Money                    The Neville Brothers
  • Money                    The Beatles
  • Big Time                Peter Gabriel
  • It’s In The Way That You Use It    
  • Time In A Bottle            Jim Croce
  • Time                    Pink Floyd
  • Time is on my side            The Rolling Stones
  • Kick It Out                Heart
  • Shadows of the night
  • Forever Man                Eric Clapton
  • Higher Ground            Stevie Wonder
  • Let The Rain Come Down        Hillary Duff
  • Crazy Circles                Bad Company
  • Miss Independent            Kelly Clarkson
  • Meal Ticket                Elton John
  • Let’s Go                The Cars
  • Suddenly I See                KT Tunstall
  • Part of you, Part of me        Glenn Fry
  • Come To My Window            Melissa Ethridge
  • Ain’t That A Shame            Cheaptrick
  • Comfortably Numb            Weird All Yankovic
  • Let’s Get Physical
  • I Feel Good                James Brown
  • If You Believe                Kenny Loggins
  • Something to Believe In     Poison
  • Vienna     Billy Joel
  • Whole Hearted     Extreme
  • Don’t Stop     Fleetwood Mac
  • Don’t Stop Me Now     Queen
  • Let It Be     Beatles
  • Lean on Me     Soundtrack (Lean on Me)
  • One in a Million     Soundtrack (Miss Congeniality)
  • I’ve got a Name     Jim Croce
  • The Best     Tina Turner
  • Make You Happy     Celine Dion
  • How Sweet it is     James Taylor
  • Put a little Love in Your Heart     Soundtrack (Scrooged)
  • That What Friends are for        Dion Warwick
  • There’s Got to be a Way     Mariah Carey
  • Honesty     Billy Joel
  • The Pretender     Jackson Browne
  • Listen     Beyonce
  • Reflection     Mariah Carey
  • Who are You?     The Who
  • Love is a Wonderful Thing     Michael Bolton
  • Time for me to Fly     REO Speedwagon
  • True to Your Heart     Soundtrack (Mulan)
  • Love can move Mountains     Celine Dion
  • Perfect Day     Hoku
  • Pressure     Billy Joel
  • Vertigo     U2
  • The Power Inside of Me     Richard Marx
  • The Warrior     Patty Smyth
  • Conviction of the Heart     Kenny Loggins
  • Roof Garden     Al Jareau
  • September     Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Cool Change     Little River Band
  • Coming out of the Dark     Gloria Estefan
  • Roll with the Changes     REO Speedwagon
  • Bring it on     Seal
  • I go to Extremes     Billy Joel
  • Spooky         Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • It’s My Life         Bon Jovi
  • In Control         Janet Jackson
  • Get Over It     The Eagles
  • Make it happen     Mariah Carey
  • Another One Bites the Dust         Queen
  • Don’t Mean Nothing         Richard Marx
  • Patience     Soundtrack (Dreamgirls)
  • Roll with It         Steve Winwood
  • Right Here, Right Now         Jesus Jones
  • Miracles Happen     Myra
  • Only in America         Brooks and Dunn
  • Eye of the Tiger         Survivor
  • Have a Nice Day         Bon Jovi
  • Why Not         Hillary Duff
  • Follow Your Dreams         Poco
  • I Hope You Dance         Lee Ann Womack
  • I Believe I Can Fly         R. Kelly
  • I’m Free         Jon Secada
  • You’ll Be in My Heart         Phil Collins
  • Bring Back the Magic         Jimmy Buffett
  • Secret of Life         James Taylor
  • What Dreams are made of         Hillary Duff
  • Keep your mind wide open         AnnaSophia Robb
  • Soul Searching         Glenn Frey
  • Larger Than Life         Backstreet Boys
  • Live like you were dying         Tim McGraw