Well It’s That Time of The Year!!!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where we all kick it into super warp speed and get ready for one of the most exciting venues I have been blessed to be a part of. I am speaking of “The View”, this training is one of the most amazing productions that I have seen to date. Marc Accetta goes through an entire weekend portraying different characters in full costume and full set changes that take people through a wild array of emotions. Tears, Laughs, Cheers, Realizations are all emotions that are set within this weekend for everyone in attendance. So you put this amazing weekend performance with the momentum and excitement that WorldVentures is currently having in the Network Marketing arena and you have one of the biggest events that will change people’s lives. Not to mention that on top of all of the great training content, all of the special announcements that the company is having they are still giving away a Brand New 2009 Mercedes C300 Sport…what are the qualifications you may ask? JUST SHOW UP! It’s just crazy how WorldVentures just rewards all of its people for being involved and helping them become of the giants. We are all excited and Marc and I have been working insane hours to get everyone the best View yet teaming up with some of the most impressive artistic directors in the industry to give you a mind blowing weekend.

I’ve been having a blast this summer enjoying hanging out with friends, family and of course traveling. This summer the roster included The Grand Canyon, Ohio, Antigua, Las Vegas, Minnesota and Burbank. The Grand Canyon was such a blast, Robert Oblon, Wayne Nugent, Staz and Ben went down to The Grand Canyon for a Monday afternoon ATV Ride, Skeet Shooting and some good ol Home Cookin…yes even Robert ate!  Most people are dreading Monday because it’s the beginning of the work week and they are just dreading that they’re weekend is over. Mine was truly a blast…I guess we really are Making a Living…Living!!!  My parents came up over the summer and I managed to get them to a Dallas Cowboys game which was fun! Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for starting off a great season and we’ll keep following them all the way to the SuperBowl!!! Well enough about hanging out and paryting and traveling time to get back to work. If you have a moment visit…www.WVView.com that will give you an insight on what we are working on and also what we have in store for this year at the View.

Keep it Real and Be Safe….