‘Los Suns’ Cinco de Mayo protest a great idea!

he NBA’s Phoenix Suns, as sick to death of Arizona’s racist illegal immigration law as the rest of us are (and anyone can make a rigged poll), have elected to take matters into their own hands and where a special jersey for tonights NBA Playoff Game against The San Antonio Spurs on Cinco de Mayo.

The jersey reads ‘Los Suns’ and is an obvious hat-tip to the plight of Phoenix Latino Community, which has to suffer with being singled out as a whole for the actions of a few, not to mention America’s obvious love for Hot Irish Waitresses and Swedish Au-Pair Girls with expired VISAs.

Phoenix is a majority-minority city, with 41 percent of its population playing host to the same ethnic minority Arizona’s racist illegal immigration law was really designed to target. It’s not just a socially responsible act, but good business for the Phoenix Suns to take a stand against a racist law that hurts the people of its community.

Racist. A term that’s thrown around a lot, and because some people use it in a weird attempt to stop others from pointing out racism. For example, the idea that a person’s racist for recognizing a racist act or action. That’s purely stupid, but it’s the latest trick used by people who don’t want to be forced to be introspective and realize that, even if it wasn’t intentional, the act served to reject or cause a person to feel rejected because of the color of their skin, white, black or anything in between. That’s racist.

Arizona’ immigration law makes brown-skinned people feel rejected.

The Phoenix Suns are taking a grand stand to let Latino’s know that they’re not being rejected. Bravo. It’s a move that shows what private business can do to turn this country in the right direction.