Largest Event WorldVentures has EVER had! Check It OUT!

Well it’s been a bit over a week since we held the largest event that WorldVentures has ever had!  This event is of course, A View from The Edge led by Marc Accetta at the Allen Events Center in Allen, TX.  As we prepare to head out to Nice, France to have this event for over 1,200 people from all over Europe & Asia I just wanted to give everyone a quick glimpse at to what Marc Accetta and Team were able to create over the past weekend.


Stay tuned for another awesome recap video from our View from the Edge in Nice, France.

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The dust has finally settled a bit…

Are you ready for an event that you cannot explain…We just completed A View from the Edge for WorldVentures. Combining theatrics & special effects, with educational concepts, with personal growth and development lessons toss in some amazing lighting and energetic music and you get one of them most amazing events you’ll ever experience. With close to 3,000 people in attendance we kicked off things with a high exciting note on Friday night, with all of the attendees arriving in their limos, walking down the red carpet as the excitement and anticipation filled the arena. Once the show hit the road with our first video opener…it was no looking back from that point on. The owners came out and announced WorldVentures Top 20 Income Earners and Marc Accetta came out and gave a intense, up in your face message that just gave everyone an idea of what they could expect for the weekend. And the rest of the weekend was just that amazing lesson after amazing lesson. Marc Accetta brings forth to the industry what no one else can do, his unique method of delivering the information that he uses and shares with people has helped him to be one of the most sought out after speakers in the Personal Growth arena.

We really spent a countless amount of hours preparing for this year, with various presentations, new characters and also various special effects that we hadn’t used in the past, we really had to have our game faces on the entire weekend. After the first night of the event, you could just tell that the excitement had filled the room, people’s faces would light up and you could see the level of appreciation they had for being there and having their fellow teammates there. The Corporate Team of Mike Azcue, Wayne Nugent, Robert Oblon, Mike Conway & Dan Stammen also came forth with some exciting announcements throughout the weekend including some brand new compensation plan upgrades, a new state of the art back office and a unbelievable donation to Big Brother Big Sister of North Texas.
Now one thing that I get asked over and over again, is how do we choose the music that we play, and it is definitely time consuming going thru tons of songs to find the right one to use at a specific moment. Of course the main theme of the entire weekend is, “Life Will Never Be The Same”, which is also the chorus of “Life”, by Haddaway. Another great song that we used in one of our videos was, “Love Can Move Mountains”, by Celine Dion. There are also several other songs that I’ve previously listed that we’ve used, Don’t Stop Believing, Magic, Crazy by Seal, Son of Man and many others that deliver great messages and in fact I had listed some of them in one of my previous posts from Journey. But as far as the dance songs that I used for the event, one of the songs I used over and over because of the energy and hype was Bob Sinclair’s, “Rock This Party” which is a great song to use for any event, others I used were Cupid Shuffle, Fantasy, Peter Gunn Theme Song, Usher’s famous Yeah, Don’t Stop till you get enough, Get This Party Started, Soak up the Sun, Perfect Day, I need to know. I mean there’s just so many songs that I could stay here all day just listing songs but it is truly the fun part of my job when I can play a song and everyone gets into it and they are excited and just having a blast.

I hope everyone enjoys these couple of videos from the View and we hope to see you next year…